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HISCO (Healthy Ingredient Solutions) President & Co-founder USA

Christine O’Neil is President & Co-Founder of Healthy Ingredient Solutions (HISCO) based in Lille, France and HISCO, LLC based in the United States.  She has been in the food and beverage industry over 25 years bringing new technologies platforms and healthy ingredients to the largest consumer products firms globally.  She’s worked for major firms such as Johnson & Johnson, Ajinomoto, Cognis/BASF and Dow Chemical during her career.  HISCO supports our clients with out-sourced business development services, bringing novel technologies and ingredients to the industry in order to create healthier and value-added consumer products worldwide.  HISCO also has a distribution business for healthy ingredient sales in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Contact Information:

Christine O’Neil

+33-6-38-57-22-89 France


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