Date Hour Room Track
18th October,2023 2:00 PM Plenière

Personalised nutrition and health is fuelled by scientific developments, technological advances in data collection, growing consumer interest in wellness and growth of personalised experience expectations.

However, human desires are complex and trying to change behaviour is hard. Also, the diversity and amount of data points required to build comprehensive individual profiles for personalisation puts pressure on the costs and operability for personalised nutrition innovators. How will personalised nutrition ever truly be feasible on a large scale?

This panel of diverse experts looks at this issue from different viewpoints. What are the latest strategies to meet the challenges of personalised nutrition in terms of research, production, distribution and generation of health benefits? How can strategic partnerships and R&D collaborations – leveraging tech and nutrition know-how – take the industry to the next stage? How to develop a sustainable business model that links all the layers and businesses of personalised nutrition and health? Perhaps most importantly; how to involve the consumer, central to any personalised nutrition value chain?

Nard Clabbers - NCNC Nutrition Consultancy
Ivan Stefanic - European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)
Michael Collier - McLaren Racing
Sinda Mahbouli - Nutrinomics
Signe Causse - IFF