Date Hour Room Track
27th January,2021 9:00 AM Track 1

COVID-19 studies have questioned the link between the virus and the gut health, putting the spotlight on the role of nutrition to support the immune system. How to support individual immune system through improved nutritional health?  Which are the ingredients to provide for immune health and what are the scientific evidence to substantiate their efficacy? What is the clinical evidence linking nutritional status and COVID-19 outcome? To what extent can immuno-nutrition play a role in dealing with respiratory viral infections? What is there to expect in terms of trials, prevention, and concrete nutritional solutions?

Caroline Childs - University of Southampton
Majbritt Byskov-Bridges - Alver World SA
Miriam Ferrer - Cambridge Nutraceuticals
Michela Miani - ILSI Europe
Suzan Wopereis - TNO