NutrEvent 2017 – Preliminary conference programme

The NutrEvent conference programme is designed to combine research innovation and market access and aims to develop the existing bridges built between the sectors involved.

The complexity of this constantly evolving market and increasing consumer needs requires these sectors to work together to propose adapted offers. The NutrEvent conference programme proposes to explore how to combine expertise, how to ensure the success of cross-sectorial collaborations and translational research and how to adapt to current market trends.

Innovation in 2017 will come from exchanging about evolving customer needs and research results and the resulting collaborative research and cross-sectorial collaborations. Organised around three tracks, panels will discuss the latest innovations in functional and active ingredients, market regulatory changes, traceability enhancement and food safety improvement. The additional benefits for both researchers and the industry of collaborating at every stage of development, from bench to market through cross-sector projects, will also be discussed.


PLENARY SESSION – What are the drivers for tomorrow’s innovation in Nutrition, Food and Health?

  • Which innovations will shape the future of the sector?
  • What are the market opportunities associated with these innovations?
  • What is the role of the consumer in the industry’s evolution?

TRACK 1 – Sourcing innovation

This track will focus on how academic research is translated into innovation and how innovation can improve consumer health and prevent disease.

With microbiota as its focus, the sessions will highlight successful academic/industry collaborations and discuss cohort study results, functional ingredient development, new excipients and their properties in addition to the latest advances in processing and food safety.

TRACK 2 – Funding innovation

This track will focus on the road from innovation to market and the challenges and opportunities along the way.

Consumer market trends, regulatory evolutions, incremental innovations in ingredients and finding the right financing for innovation projects are just some of the topics to be covered.

TRACK 3 – Marketing innovation

This track will encourage debate about trending topics such as cross sectorial collaborations and the challenges encountered and case studies of successful projects.

Examples of discussions will include:

  • Can the hard lessons learned from one field be transmitted to another for the benefit of all?
  • Is the application of pharma clinical trials to nutrition a “false” good idea?
  • Can active ingredients boost drug effects?
  • How are the food and feed sectors collaborating on the development of new probiotics?
  • Can Big Data lead to cross-sectorial projects?