Jeroen Hugenholtz is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of NoPalm Ingredients BV. This company was founded in 2021 to develop a sustainable replacement for palm oil. The sustainable alternative is produced by fermentation using oil-producing yeasts, which are cultivated on locally available sidestreams from the AgriFood industry. This can be food waste, but also residuals generated during primary harvesting of crops or generated during processing of fruit/vegetables such as vegetable-cuttings, potato peels and brewer’s spent grain.

JH has a lifelong background in fermentation technology working for applied research institutes such as NIZO food research and Wageningen Food & Biobased research, but also working for the food and beverage industry such as Coca-Cola, Corbion and the Dutch dairy industry. Currently, JH still holds the (part-time) Professor Chair of Industrial Molecular Microbiology at the University of Amsterdam.