Company Position Country
MAAT PHARMA Research Director INRA & Scientific Advisor France
How are current advances in microbiome analysis bringing combined solutions opportunities to the food industry?

Joël is Research Director at INRA Micalis Institute “Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health” ( and Scientific Director of MetaGenoPolis (, a pre-industrial demonstrator in quantitative and functional metagenomics of the national “Futures Investment” program. Gut microbial ecologist by training, Joel pioneered intestinal metagenomics towards food-microbe-host interactions as well as diagnostic applications. With > 30 years of academic research and > 220 publications, Joël aims to provide a better understanding of man-microbes symbiosis towards personalized preventive nutrition and precision medicine. Joel is co-founder and scientific advisor of, a startup company dedicated to provide safe and standardized microbiotherapy solutions for the reconstruction of host-microbes symbiosis in the context of programmed clinical interventions inducing dysbiosis. He chairs the scientific web-platform.

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