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Karine Clément, MD, PhD is full professor of Nutrition at University Pierre and Marie Curie, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. She is the former director (2011-2017) of the Institute of Cardio-metabolism and Nutrition (ICAN, and of an INSERM/university team called “NutriOmics”. Her team works on several aspects of the complex pathophysiology of human obesity, particularly exploring tissue alterations (such as adipose tissue depots, liver, intestine), modified cross-talks and links with comorbidities during human obesity progression and weight loss. Clinical models include dietary and bariatric surgery induced weight loss and improved metabolism in which large scale “omics” approach are conducted. Her team showed notably the importance of low-grade inflammation and fibrotic processes in human adipose depots and the links with local and systemic metabolic alterations. More recently, K Cléments’ team investigated gut microbiota changes induced by dietary changes and bariatric surgery and described significant modifications of bacterial gene richness, bacterial groups and links with metabolic and inflammation phenotypes related to obesity.  She published > 300 publications in the field. She is a member and expert of several national and international scientific committees in obesity and metabolism and contributes to several European Networks in genetics and functional genomics (Diogenes, Hepadip, ADAPT, FLIP, ePos). She now coordinates METACARDIS, a European program on gut microbiota and cardiometabolic and nutrition-related diseases (


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