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NIZO Food Research Optimizes your microbial process Pays-Bas

Martijn Bekker has a background in Molecular Biology and  holds a PhD in Microbiology Physiology from the University of Amsterdam. He has worked at the algae company Photanol and led them in their endeavours to obtain funding and oversaw the design and construction of their demonstration plant. Additionally consulted  The Coca-Cola Company on projects concerning the Gut Microbiome and development of sugar-free juice applications. Since three years Martijn Bekker holds a position for NIZO as a Senior Project Manager in the Fermentation department

At NIZO Martijn Bekker uses his expertise in Microbial Physiology, MicroModels and biomass yield optimization strategies to develop the newest screening methodologies for selecting the right bio-actives and probiotics for applications in the Personal Care and Health space. His expertise centers around the skin microbiome, optimization of growth of the next generation probiotics and shelf-life stability thereof . Martijn Bekker employs the above technologies to assist companies in their endeavors from selection of a probiotic or bioactive all the way to design of the most cost-effective probiotic production process whilst retaining premium quality.

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