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Tasly CEO & General Manager of the European Region Suisse


My Work

2017 –  I work as Private Business Consultant at “Snieckus Business Consulting & Solutions”

2014-2017 I worked for one of biggest chinese pharmaceutical company Tasly Holding Group. Established a branch company in Europe (Tasly Europe) in Genève to establish the gateway for Europe. With selected products implemented sales channels in Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Czech Republic. Highly entrepreneurial position allowed to deal with regulatory, marketing, business development areas. This role provided broad understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine as complimentary medicine, nutraceuticals, food suplements and medicine segments.

2005 – 2014 – worked for a french pharmaceutical company Ipsen in various positions: sales and marketing, regional and global business management roles on primary care and specialty products including biotech products.


My Education


2009 – 2013 Vilnius University, Medicine, PhD
2007 – 2011 ISM Executive School & Handelshøyskolen BI, MBA
2004 – 2009 Vilnius University, Medicine Science, MD


My Science

In 2013 defended the PhD dissertation entitled “Violence against children by children” in Biomedical sciences, field of Medicine.

Available publications:

  1. Clinical and forensic medical expression of violence. Lietuvos Bendrosios Praktikos Gydytojo Zurnalas 8 (2012). Vitae Litera. October 2012.
  2. Children violence in physician’s practice. Lietuvos Bendrosios Praktikos Gydytojo Zurnalas 7 (2012). Vitae Litera September 1, 2012
  3. Destructivity of children: violence in Lithuania and programs of prevention Laboratorinė medicina, 2012
  4. Destructivity of children: violence and expression of violence Laboratorinė medicina, 2012
  5. Is it possible to reduce violence against children?(Link) Lietuvos pediatrijos kronika, 2013
  6. Treatment of child accute diarrhoea with smectite(Link) Vitae literra: Bendrosios praktikos gydytojo žurnalas, 2007



My Foundation

As a result of the thesis has established a charity and supports foundation “Snieckaus Fondas” to work with violence against children and find new approaches to reduce the incidence of violence against children.


Foundation delivers few projects to reach this goal:

  1. Day of the Good News (Geru Ziniu Diena)
  2. Tales for Kids (Pasakos vaikams)



My Skills

Keen on languages, therefore I speak Lithuanian (native), English, Russian, German, French.

On my account: interactive sales visit tool, websites, business optimisation tools, PR projects, state of the art application for Android and iOS for end customers to bring added value to every life. Discover more at Projects section.


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