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Faculty of Bioscience Engineering AGRO Louvain Professor Belgium
Exploring the one health concept: Which innovations to simultaneously improve the health of humans, animals and the environment?

Yvan Larondelle got a Bioengineer degree (1983 – UCLouvain, Belgium). He performed a PhD at the De Duve Institute (1984 – 1989) (UCLouvain) and made two postdoctoral stays, one at the Institute of Genetics (1989-1990) (University of Cologne, Germany) and a second one at the University Hospital St-Luc (1990-1992) (Brussels). Since 1992, he is member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Bioscience engineering “AGRO Louvain” of UCLouvain, where he teaches biochemistry, as well as animal and human nutrition. He is also invited professor at the University of Namur and visiting professor at the Institute of Food and Nutrition Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2019-2024).

The research group of Yvan Larondelle belongs to the Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology (LIBST) of UCLouvain. It aims at understanding the mechanisms of action of nutrients and bioactive compounds from food items in terms of health protection. Applied projects deal with the upgrading of neglected plant dietary resources and improvement of the nutritional quality and sustainability of animal-derived products (e.g. dairy products, eggs, fish flesh). Yvan Larondelle is co-author of more than 190 articles and reviews in international journals.

At the University of Louvain, Yvan Larondelle is a co-founder of the interdisciplinary initiative “Louvain4Nutrition”. He works in close collaboration with several universities in Europe and in foreign countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Peru, Senegal, Vietnam). Since 2009, he owns a title of “Doctor honoris causa” from the Federal University of Para, in Brazil. In 2016, he has received an official recognition by the Vietnamese government for his commendable contribution to the agricultural and rural development of the country. Since 2017, he acts as treasurer of the Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA). In Belgium, he is Vice-president of the Walloon competitiveness cluster “Wagralim” (since 2006), Vice-president of the Belgian Nutrition Society and member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. At UCLouvain, he has been Dean of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (2013-2016) and is currently Vice-president of the Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology (2018-2020).

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