NutrEvent 2024 - The development of innovative solutions in the nutrition sector

NutrEvent, the European meeting place for innovation in Food, Human and Animal Nutrition, will be back in Lille for its 10th edition on October 1st and 2nd, 2024. The event brings together more than 600 participants from 25 countries, including suppliers of functional and innovative ingredients for human and animal nutrition and food, pharmaceutical companies, start-ups and distributors, as well as investors and players in academic research and technology transfer. The business convention offers participants the opportunity to present their project in the pitch competition, raise their profile in the exhibition area, schedule business meetings to meet future partners and attend a variety of international conferences.

Explore trends and innovations through the conference programme

Over two days, more than 60 international experts will take the floor to share their experience with delegates. Structured around 3 tracks, the conference programme tackles the key issues facing the sector, providing essential insight for those who aspire to stay at the forefront of emerging trends.

« Spotlight sessions » around three topical themes
This year’s conferences will focus on key aspects of the sector, starting with the use of nutrition as a tool for prevention and health, with food choices playing an increasingly recognised role in disease prevention. Nard Clabbers, Opinion Leader in Personalised Nutrition at NCNC Nutrition Consultancy will be leading this conference: ‘If you know what nutrients you need as an individual to achieve your health goals, any food can become a “functional food” and part of your personal “food as medicine” plan. Experts will discuss how personalised nutrition can turn this approach into reality, making ‘food as medicine’ a mainstream and accessible practice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also be at the heart of the discussions. AI is set to revolutionise most sectors, and nutrition is no exception. By integrating it into the food production chain, it is possible to improve efficiency and optimise nutrition processes. For example, AI can analyse massive data to optimise personalised diets and predict consumption trends. It also enhances traceability and food safety by monitoring production and distribution conditions in real time. Raphaelle O’Connor, Founder and Director of inewtrition (a company that analyses, manages and mitigates risk in the areas of emerging consumer needs, new product development and the commercialisation of science) will lead the session on this topic.
Finally, investment trends will be examined by experts such as Ariane Voyatzakis, Head of Innovation at Ania (National Association of Food Industries) and Ivan Farneti, Managing Partner at Five Seasons Ventures (a pan-European venture capital fund focused on consumer brands and specialising in investments in food technologies across the value chain). They will explore the investment opportunities and emerging trends that will shape the future of the food industry.

Animal nutrition: a fast-growing area of innovation
The NutrEvent conference programme will also have a special focus on animal nutrition. Experts will examine innovative feed ingredients and pet food reducing environmental impact and strengthening the overall health status of animals.
A conference will look at the value of micro- and macro-algae in aquaculture and animal production, offering sustainable and nutritionally rich alternatives to traditional feed sources. Participants will also be able to find out about studies on the use of prebiotics and probiotics to enhance gut health in animals, with potential benefits for nutrient absorption, immune function and disease resistance. Among the speakers will be Laure Darras, technical support and business manager at Roquette Animal Nutrition.

NutrEvent: At the heart of conferences on progress in the sector

New perspectives on food supplements and medical nutrition
Botanicals, which have been used for centuries for their benefits, are increasingly being incorporated in food supplements due to their claimed health and natural origins, in response to consumer expectations. Experts will discuss the scientifically proven benefits, safety, efficacy and market acceptance of new botanical extracts. There will also be a session on communication strategies for presenting scientific evidence in a transparent way, thereby boosting the confidence of consumers and health professionals in food supplements.
There will also be a discussion on the role of the gut microbiome in healthy ageing and the prospects for developing new food supplements targeting this relationship:

We are entering a new phase of our ageing evolution, where living longer is simply not enough, thus creating opportunities for health and wellness innovations. Healthy ageing and longevity are becoming a concern not only for those above 60 but also for individuals in their 30s— a trend that we are seeing countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, and India picking up. Consumers are increasingly interested in the gut microbiome's connection to mood modulation, inflammation, and overall well-being. There is a knowledge gap in understanding the correlation between the gut microbiome and broader oral and skin health, which large corporates, research institutes, and emerging startups aim to address. New research opportunities include developing noninvasive microbiome-based tests, leveraging that information to gain precise information for chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, and AI models to predict clinical conditions or geriatric syndromes. Although significant progress has been made in understanding the role of nutrition in healthy ageing, much remains to be learned due to the high heterogeneity of the process.

Sustainable nutrition: ways and means of making a positive impact
NutrEvent will also address key issues around alternative proteins and consumer awareness of ultra-transformation of foods, highlighting the impact of these trends on food product innovation.
Fermented foods will be part of discussions, with scientific evidence supporting their health benefits for digestion, immunity and mental health. The conferences will also explore solutions to the challenges faced by food manufacturers in ensuring the safety and quality of fermented products.
Finally, the sustainable supply of alternative proteins will be studied, with a focus on supply chain transparency and industry collaboration to promote responsible practices and raise consumer awareness of environmental benefits. NutrEvent is a key platform for shaping the future of the food industry by meeting consumer expectations while supporting sustainability and global health.

NutrEvent 2024 promises to be a must-attend event for food and nutrition professionals. Combining inspiring conferences and networking sessions, it is a unique opportunity to explore innovations, discuss challenges and seize opportunities in the sector.

Don’t wait any longer,  and come take part in this adventure at the heart of innovation for Food, Human and Animal Nutrition.
See you at Lille Grand Palais on October 1st and 2nd, 2024.

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