ACT food Bretagne Pays | Booth n° B6/1

    ACT Food Bretagne is the alliance of Breton technical centers: ADRIA, CEVA, Idmer, INNOZH and VEGENOV, with the objective to bring together the tools and expertise of innovation for agricultural and food sectors. A comprehensive synergie of R&D, technology intelligence, consulting and training services in the aeras of : variety creation, plant nutrition, animal health, molecular marking, bioactive extracts, biotechnology, food processes, food safety and formulation, aquaculture, algae.

    ADRIA Pays | Booth n° B6/2

    ADRIA is a leading French Food Technology Institute (ITAI) in the food safety and quality sector. ADRIA’s team of over 60 employees provides technical support and services to the food industry in the areas of Research & Development, Analytical labs and Consultancy. We operate in France & abroad. We support all companies in the agri-food sector for their R&D, Factory, Quality &Training. We can accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your products in complete confidentiality.

    Afriplex Pays | Booth n° B11

    Afriplex is a cGMP certified, South African company specialising in the development and manufacturing of botanical extracts, complementary medicines and food & beverage product solutions. With more than 20 years' experience, Afriplex services the pharmaceutical, health supplement, food & beverage, veterinary and cosmetic industries and offer fully integrated product solutions which include product development, sustainable procurement, manufacturing and comprehensive quality control.

    AGROBIO-QUALTECH Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    With more than 25 years of experience, the AGROBIO-QUALTECH Laboratories and Experts Teams bring their knowledge and their expertise in testing for nutrition, food supplements and ingredients in food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Analytical services include food chemistry and food supplements quality controls, active compounds determination, stability studies, nutrition values, contaminants, food Fraud, GMOs and microbiology. Our Group can also offer Audit and Certification

    Aromalyse & LBAA Pays | Booth n° D9

    AROMALYSE and LBAA are two complementary laboratories, members of the RESALAB network. AROMALYSE specializes in analytical services in food chemistry, constantly pushing further the limits of technical feasibility. LBAA is dedicated to state of the art services in microbiology and molecular biology. Both labs enable you to develop and market high quality food products which meet consumers’ expectations. Food safety, our passion!

    ATLANPOLE BIOTHERAPIES Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    Atlanpole Biotherapies is involved in the medicine of tomorrow, with innovative areas of focus for the development of new therapies and the discovery of unexplored methodologies for human treatments. The projects of network, both academic and industrial, show the excellence of our expertise in personalized medicine. It is a European Center Of Excellence in 4 domains :

    • Biotechnology & Pharma
    • MedTech
    • Digital Health
    • Disease prevention (One Health)

    Biofortis Pays | Booth n° B9

    Biofortis is a full service CRO specialized in the design and conduct of nutrition clinical projects. Over the past two decades, Biofortis has designed, organized and executed more than 1000 projects to help sponsors from the pharma, biotech and food tech industries to substantiate their health claims and develop their products. By virtue of our unique expertise in microbiome, we help you to accelerate your microbiome-health innovation projects.

    BOTANIC’ALL Pays | Booth n° D12

    Located in the Loire Valley, BOTANIC’ALL is a french company who develops and manufactures high quality plant extracts in different forms: dry or liquid. Our production site is equipped with a fully automated process and the latest generation of equipments. We can thus adapt our extraction methods to the active ingredients we are looking for, they allow us to extract hot or cold, under pressure or under vacuum; to extract the molecules with water, ethanol; without synthetic or toxic products.

    Brin de Foli Pays | Booth n° D20

    Brin de Foli is an expert in ferment preparations for homemade yogurts or plant-based kefirs with health claims. Our first product range is the subject of an European patent. Brin de Foli develops for third parties products based on fermentation or based on new formulations for pre and probiotic gut deliveries. The VegeFerment project was specially set up in 2022 in order to identify new ferments which optimize the health functions of plant extracts.

    Capinov Pays | Booth n° B12-C11/4

    Capinov offers you powerful analyzes and puts you in direct contact with its experts. We are able to go further than analysis by supporting you in all the steps to promote your products. Our analytical offering is continually evolving to better meet your expectations. Our analytical development service allows us to anticipate regulations and develop new analysis methods. We are COFRAC and ISO 9001 certified.

    Carnot Qualiment et Carnot France Futur Elevage Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    Carnot Institutes are french public research networks, certified by the french ministry of research, that provides R&D competences to develop public-private partnership. Carnot France Futur Elevage and Carnot Qualiment® brings together some of the French reference structures in the agronomy sector (INRAE, agronomy schools, agricultural and food technicals institutes…). Carnot France Futur Elevage and Carnot Qualiment® are respectively dedicated to the livestock farming sector and the food sec

    CEVA Pays | Booth n° B6/3

    CEVA is a technological and innovation center dedicated to algae and marine vegetables. With 40 years in research and development, it is specialized in macroalgae and microalgae valorisation and sustainable production. Only center in Europe to work on the entire algae sector, CEVA works with industries from all fields, develops algae-based innovations and assists firms on technical and research aspects.

    Circul’Egg Pays | Booth n° D16

    In a circular economy approach, Circul'Egg aims to recycle co-products from the agri-food industry. In particular, we have developed a patented process enabling us to purify egg co-products on an industrial scale. This process enables us to separate and purify the various constituents, in particular a matrix of synergistic active ingredients (Collagen / Hyaluronic Acid / Glucosamine) as innovative, effective and sustainable ingredients for the nutraceutical / nutrition sector

    Clubster NHL Pays | Booth n° B4-C3

    Clubster NHL – Nutrition, Health, Longevity – is a French competitiveness cluster federating 350 members in the Nutrition, biotechnology and health sectors. We foster collaboration between academia, private companies (start-up, SMEs and large companies), clinicians and final users. Our aim is to help our members to design, develop and finance their innovative products and processes. The activity encompasses the ONE HEALTH concept, close relation between human, animal and plant health.

    COST PIMENTO- Promoting Innovation of ferMENTed fOods Pays | Booth n° C17

    The challenge of COST PIMENTO (CA20128-Promoting Innovation of ferMENTed fOods) is to federate the scientific community and key stakeholders working on Fermented Foods. The idea is to collectively advance scientific evidence of their health benefits, building a benefits/risk approach in order to promote multi-modal innovation and meet the expectations of European communities. It already includes 500 academic and industrial members.The goal is to place Europe at the spearhead of innovation on microbial foods, promoting health, regional diversity and local production.

    Euralimentaire Pays | Booth n° B4-C3

    Euralimentaire has vocation to boost the creation of start up and jobs in the foodtech sector. Euralimentaire supports young entrepreneurs in launching their innovative startup and helps to define the key themes while being more respectful of citizens’ health. Since its launching in 2017, the incubator has supported nearly 80 projects and generated over 200 jobs. Euralimentaire is a part of Eurasanté and the Clubster NHL.

    Eurasanté Pays | Booth n° B4-C3

    Eurasanté is a development agency dedicated to tech transfer and business development in life sciences sector in Northern France region. Our experienced project managers help researchers, startups and companies with their development projects. To do so, Eurasante provides many services such as real estate, fundraising, recruitment and business development. It also promotes the Eurasante Bio-business Park, which already hosts 10 hospitals, 4 universities, 8 specialised schools and more than 200 companies. It benefits from an exceptional location at the heart of Europe.

    EXTRACTIS Pays | Booth n° C10

    EXTRACTIS is a service provider, specialized in the fractionation of biomass for the development and the production of plant extracts and ingredients. EXTRACTIS INNOVATION offers its services at different stages of the development project: from proof of concept (Laboratory), to scale-up (Micro-pilot), to validation and industrial transfer (Pilot) by guaranteeing strict confidentiality and all industrial property. Our activity of PRODUCTION is based on extraction and spray-drying workshops.

    Fermedics Pays | Booth n° C8

    Fermedics is a pioneer in developing premium fermented botanicals. Our passion is to make the active substances contained in botanicals more bioavailable and efficacious by using a targeted fermentation process. Fermedics has a large portfolio of fermented botanicals and nutrients for your nutraceutical formulations. Fermedics contributes to the health and well-being of people by unlocking nature’s potency. Discover the breakthrough opportunities fermentation offers in herbal medicine!

    FLANQUART Pays | Booth n° B8

    Based in the North of France, Flanquart’s core business is the supply and the transformation of premium seeds, such as sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, linseed, flakes... Our production plant enable us to produce hulled seeds, roasted seeds, caramelized seeds, flours, blends and purée. Thanks to its brand-new extension, we can now provide you with allergen-free products! We supply the food industries in over 30 countries.

    FOODINNOV Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    A strategic vision combined with scientific and regulatory expertise as well as proficiency in product development and industrial process. 25 professionals – 17 are Phds and Post graduates in food science – 35 years of experience in innovation. Our diverse expertise, knowledge of markets and our active involvement in the nutrition field enable us to provide relevant and tangible advice to our clients. Foodinnov experts support your food and drink projects from concept through to launch

    Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Pays | Booth n° D8

    At Glatt Ingenieurtechnik we provide technical solutions for the design of functional powders and granules based on fluidized and spouted bed processes. We develop products and processes with you from the beginning in our technology center (equipped with several lab and pilot units), design your own full scale production line or serve as contract manufacturer for agglomeration, drying, matrix or core-shell encapusaltion of particles.

    IDMer Pays | Booth n° B6/4

    As a technical center serving companies in the agri-food products and by-products sector, IDMer brings together the skills, know-how and tools needed to develop finished food products and to add value to by-products of marine origin. As a provider of R&D and contract production (industrial batches with sanitary certificate), IDMer works with its customers in the realization of their projects, in complete confidentiality, from the idea to the marketing.

    ILSI Europe Pays | Booth n° D11

    ILSI Europe fosters collaboration among the best scientists from industry, academia and the public sector to provide science-based guidance for the food sector and pave the way forward in nutrition, food safety, and sustainability. Our fit-for-purpose deliverables include peer-reviewed publications, reports, guidance documents, webinars, symposia and more. Founded in 1986, ILSI Europe is the European branch of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), a global, non-profit federation.

    Ingredia Pays | Booth n° A2

    Dairy explorers since 1949, Ingredia Dairy Experts is a French dairy company which develops and manufactures innovative ingredients: functional & nutritional milk proteins, dairy powders and natural bioactive ingredients - for the worldwide Health, Nutrition and Food industries. Through strong links with its customers, Ingredia is constantly innovating for the products of tomorrow. Oriented in a sustainable production, Ingredia works to feed and protect better. Since May 2023, Ingredia joined now the international community of B Corp companies.

    Ingredia Pays | Booth n° A2

    Dairy explorers since 1949, Ingredia Dairy Experts is a French dairy company which develops and manufactures innovative ingredients: functional & nutritional milk proteins, dairy powders and natural bioactive ingredients - for the worldwide Health, Nutrition and Food industries. Through strong links with its customers, Ingredia is constantly innovating for the products of tomorrow. Oriented in a sustainable production, Ingredia works to feed and protect better. Since May 2023, Ingredia joined now the international community of B Corp companies.

    INNOZH Pays | Booth n° B6/5

    INNOZH offers comprehensive support for health, production, and nutrition in the animal industry: - Needs assessment and solution proposals, including model selection and protocol design. -Execution of trials, study report submission, and quality assurance. -Data processing, statistical analysis, and result interpretation. -Scientific dissemination through posters and articles. -Training in Animal Health & Production, including statistics and clinical trials.

    Institut Carnot AgriFood Transition Pays | Booth n° B6/6

    With its 17 research teams and 640 researchers, the Carnot AgriFood Transition contributes through its interdisciplinary research to the development of sustainable food value chains. It is aimed at companies of all sizes, in the agricultural, aquaculture and agri-food sectors, to help them speed up their innovation projects and turn them into reality, through research contracts or any other R&D support scheme. Human & animal Nutrition and Health are part of our strategic areas of activity.

    IPAZ Pays | Booth n° C6

    IPAZ : Intellectual property from A to Z 180 years of experience, a team of 14 patent attorneys covering all technical fields and 3 trademark attorneys. Our associates promote our clients’ interests, from the initial audit to the acquisition and protection of each one of their rights and also during drafting of IP agreements. Our vision of industrial property systematically integrates the client company’s business strategy to best serve its interest.

    Kaunas University of Technology Pays | Booth n° B5

    Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) had its beginning in 1922. KTU is one of research, development, and innovation (R&D&I) leaders in Lithuania. KTU has cooperation agreements with more than 350 higher education institutions in 50 countries of the world. Areas of activity that companies are invited to join: Employer branding solutions;Recruitment solutions;Scholarships and events/projects support;Research-business projects; Establishment and development of new business; Intellectual property

    Kreglinger Specialties Pays | Booth n° C9-B10

    Kreglinger’s Pharma department aims to supply the Pharma & Food supplements market with highly specialized and exclusive quality ingredients such as Krill oil, Red Yeast Rice, Astaxanthin, vitamin K2 and many other premium and branded ingredients. Fully understanding the issues of the industry, low heavy metal content and strict pesticide residue control etc are matters of our daily concern. Through formulation support and finding the right ingredients, we help our customers reach the next level

    Lebas Industries Pays | Booth n° B4-C3/2

    LEBAS mission is to support our customers in the implementation of their industrial processes. From feasibility study to realization, upscaling and commissioning of projects whatever their size. Lebas Industries has strong expertise in the design, integration and construction of production lines as well as their environment. Our team of 40 people integrate the necessary expertise: Process equipment, Utilities, Automation&Supervision, Electricity&Instrumentation,Building, clean rooms, HVAC.

    LEGUMI’PULSE Pays | Booth n° D5

    Located in heart of the main agricultural region in North of France, LEGUMI’PULSE, process directly from local farmers dry yellow pea, dry faba bean... With innovatives technologies, LEGUMI’PULSE produce natural, nutritious and functional products like concentrate, flour and fiber to help formulators and food manufactures to develop, tasty, healthy ingredients. By respecting the environment, LEGUMI’PULSE ‘s solutions help them to reduce carbon foodprint and make their products more sustainable.


    Mérieux Nutrisciences has 50 years' expertise in food safety. Our 360° approach provides you with reliable and innovative solutions at every stage of the value chain, from farm to fork. 360° solutions focused on food quality and safety. - Chemical and microbiological food analyses - Audit, Consulting and Training - Digital solutions - Advice and regulatory watch - Sensory analysis and consumer research - Specific studies

    MetaGenoPolis INRAE Pays | Booth n° B7

    MetaGenoPolis (MGP) is an INRAE unit expert in gut microbiota research applied to human and animal. MGP has been coordinator of two major projects that have advanced the science of microbiota: the MetaHIT project, which publishes the first catalog of human gut microbial genes, and the IHMS project to help standardize microbial DNA analysis. MGP's missions are to accelerate microbiota science and innovation in the field of health and food with Le French Gut project, to collaborate with industrial

    Nahibu Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    Nahibu is a private research laboratory, working closely with private companies and public institutes to better understand and use the microbiota of humans and animals. Its dedication to understanding and utilizing the power of the microbiome drives Nahibu to take a holistic approach, unlocking new insights and innovations in health and wellness.

    Neptune Elements Pays | Booth n° C15

    Neptune Elements' mission is to create a new sustainable food industry using Seaweed. We have two objectives: (1) to democratize Seaweed consumption by creating easy-to-use seaweed-based products and educating consumers. (2) to develop the industry in France and Europe by investing in Seaweed cultivation techniques to make the resource available and sustainable, and to enable the industrialization of the industry. Seaweed is both a super-food for humans & a super-hero for the planet !

    Onima Pays | Booth n° D18

    At Onima (ex-Yeasty) we turn Waste into Wonder. We have started our journey with one of the best by-products there is out there: spent brewer's yeast. We have unlocked the power of yeast through our proprietary debittering technology that does not alter the completeness of the yeast. Our final ingredient is a super-flour (yes a flour! not an extract/concentrate) that can bring nutritional and organoleptic enhancements, as well as interesting functionalities -in a clean label way!

    Procidys Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    PROCIDYS is a food processing consulting and research company specialized in the valorisation of by-products from food industry and the development of biotechnological process. We have a large experience in valorisation of various biomass (fish, insects, plants, microalgae…) and can support projects from the preliminary and strategic study, process development at the laboratory scale to the implementation of pilot tests and industrial scale up.

    Regimbeau Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    Regimbeau, French and European IP law firm, is the business partner of industrial groups and start-ups in the agritech and foodtech sectors. Innovation is the driving force for a leader positioning of our clients in constantly evolving markets. We collaborate with our clients to generate valuable assets, to secure their creations and innovations, and to lastingly gain a competitive advantage. Our 360° expertise covers all IP related matters (patents, trademarks, designs, contracts, know how...).

    Revobiom Pays | Booth n° C13

    REVOBIOM leads the upcoming Microbial revolution by mimicking natural Darwinian evolution thanks to its Microbial Evolution Machine, a High-throughput millifluidic device allowing the breeding of micro-organism ecosystems. Revobiom's device directs evolution in order to enhance single strains or compose and stabilize complex ecosystems. Microbials are present in a number of industries: Food Ferments, Biofuels, Human and Animal Nutrition, Soil Fertilization, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals.

    SMALTIS Pays | Booth n° C12

    Smaltis is a laboratory specialized in microbiology and molecular biology, delivering tailor-made in vitro services to support the development of health and well-being products, from research to clinical phases. One of our fields of expertise is microbiota harnessing through the support of microbiome-based projects, such as pro-, pre-, postbiotics. We are involved in these developments thanks to strain characterization and optimization, mechanism of action studies and clinical phases monitoring.

    THERADEV Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    THERADEV is a biotech company that researches and develops new 100% natural therapeutic solutions for humans. By using an exclusive active ingredient extraction process, THERADEV develops products using original modes of action, to respond naturally to major public health issues. THERADEV’s main area of work is the prevention and early management of metabolic diseases. Results of preclinical studies on murine models of cholesterol and prediabetes demonstrate the effect of our active ingredients.

    Valorial Pays | Booth n° B12-C11

    N°1 network devoted to agri-food innovation through a collaborative approach, Valorial brings together 400 members & a community of 10 000 “innov’actors” focusing on smarter & responsible food. Mission: To identify, set up & support collaborative & innovative R&D projects in 6 areas of innovation. Services chain: consultancy services for project set-up, networking & search for partners, consultancy on innovation strategy & management, resourcing & specialized monitoring, project management assistance, promotion.

    Zymoptiq Pays | Booth n° B4-C3

    Located in North of France, at Lille, Zymoptiq offers a disruptive technology to quantify enzyme activities, Now, enzyme measurement is simpler, more efficient and faster than ever for all food and feed industrials. If you need to control your incoming or outgoing products, your processes, or if you need to support your customers, then, you might be interested in this ready to use technology. In less than 2h30, you can do up to 96 analysis points thanks to the 96 well plate format