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Christina Reh (Aiko Pet Foods) talks about using insects to innovate in the sustainability of pet food.

 Aiko® is a South African pet food company that offers a healthier, more nutritious diet for dogs based on a patented, science-backed compostion with local superfood ingredients and novel protein source – insects (black soldier fly larvae).

During NutrEvent 2023, Christina Reh was part of an expert panel on “Latest biotech approaches for innovation in pet food & feed”.

Juan Londonõ Leon (Onima), winner of the Start-up Slams, talks about the evolution of Omina and its future.

Onima produces a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable super-ingredient through the natural power of yeast, while maintaining a competitive position to fulfil our mission: to produce a sustainable protein for the planet, providing an alternative protein for all.

During Nutrevent 2023, Omina was the winner of the Start-up Slams in the By & Co-Products category. They received the award for the most innovative start-up, sponsored by Rockstart. With this support, the French start-up group hopes to expand on its concept of a new protein to feed the world.



Nicolas Lechevallier

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