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The award for the most innovative start-up goes to:
Onima (ex-Yeasty)

Onima (ex-Yeasty), a French start-up represented by Juan Londoño, Co-Founder and COO, is the winner of this year’s edition of the Start-up Slams, from the “By & Co-products” category.

“It’s a really great opportunity because we just changed our name a few weeks ago. We used to be called Yeasty and we’re now Onima. So it’s great visibility for us and it was a crash test for the new brand, so that’s went really well. We’ll also be gaining support from Rockstart and that is a great programme that will be looking forward. And we’ll also be coming next year to NutrEvent as part of the price.”

Onima produces a delicious, nutritious and sustainable super-ingredient through the natural power of yeast, while maintaining a competitive positioning to fulfil our mission: producing a sustainable protein for the planet, providing an alternative protein for all.

The 2023 Start-up Slams were in partnership with

Rockstart is an early-stage VC-accelerator that empowers purpose-driven founders to drive positive change across AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Tech.

As the sponsor of NutrEvent’s Start-up Slams, Rockstart will offer to the 2023 winner of the Start-up Slams:

  • 5 consultancy hours
  • Selection to Rockstart Agrifood Selection Days – gathering pitching start-ups & key agrifood stakeholders
  • VIP ticket to the Rockstart Community Day – gathering Rockstart newest investments from AgriFood, Energy and Tech together with investors, corporates, mentors…

Discover below the 2023 pitching Start-ups:

Tuesday, October 17th | 2.00 – 3.30 pm
Finished & Intermediate Food Products:
BELLYCARE: IBS | Gut health | Low FODMAP
VERY FOOD COMPANY: Functional | Ingredients | Impact
STOKELP: Foodwaste | Food industry | Raw material

Personalised Nutrition:
PHENOMXHEALTH: Menopause | Nutrition | Personalisation

Food Supplement:
SENTUM: Food supplements | Sugar cravings | Artificial Intelligence

ELOGIUM: Probiotic | Poultry | Campylobacter
NEOFEED: Dairy ruminants | Feed valorisation | Natural organic

Tuesday, October 17th | 4.00 – 5.30 pm
By & Co-products:
INGREDALIA: Circular economy | Sustainability |Vegetables
FUNGU’IT: Solide-state fermentation | Fungi | Sustainable
YEASTY: Protein | Yeast | Upcycling

BOSQUE FOODS: Mycelium | Fermentation platform | Biotechnology
REVOBIOM: Microbiome | Directed evolution | High throughput milifluidics
INAU-FOOD: CO2 | Kiverdi | Licence

Wednesday, October 18th | 11.00 am – 12.30 pm
Functional Ingredients:
NEPTUNE ELEMENTS: Molecules of interest | Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture | Natural organic
CELESTA LLC: Sleep | Stress reduction | Science-based
AROMA SCIENCE: Clove | Neuroprotection | Alzheimer
SPIRU’MARINE: Agroecological transition | Marine biotech | Healthcare

Technology & Processing:
NUCAPS NANOTECHNOLOGY: Microencapsulation | Proteins | Functional
ZYMOPTIQ: Enzyme | Assays | Catalysis
EVERSYN: High-value nutraceuticals | Cell-free biosynthesis | Scalable technology



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