Vegepolys workshop

How can the excellence of crop production lead to nutritional and food excellence?

October 18th
3.00 – 4.30 pm
(This conference will be held in french)

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Food is one of the areas where we are most dependent on the living world. Our food systems, which are not very sustainable and healthy, have an effect on flora and fauna, the maintenance of resources, and the fertility of soils. They negatively impact biodiversity and contribute to global warming.
Conversely, production systems and crop routes influence the quality of products and food systems.
Thus, a relationship of balance is established: if a natural and reasoned diet is particularly beneficial for our health and well-being, it is also so that our planet remains rich and habitable.
Developing food systems that reconcile nutritional and ecological issues is one of the major challenges facing our food future today. The ambition is to show that by taking care to grow and feed the planet, we can reap many benefits for our mental, nutritional, food, and health well-being.

In this context, producers, industrialists, distributors, politicians and consumers all have a role to play.
On the consumer side, the habits of a diet (‘too’ rich in animal protein and ultra-processed foods) must evolve in order to move towards a diet that gives pride of place to plant products, and that allows to (re)discover the richness of plant biodiversity: vegetables, fruits, but also oilseeds and pulses…
On the farmers’ side, changing practices and improving conventional agriculture must grow to create the agriculture of tomorrow, more sustainable.
Initiating agroecological transitions through technological, technical and service innovations to preserve the quality of soils, crops and livestock are levers to achieve this.
On the industrial side, questioning the practices of the agri-food industry to promote new processes of processing, fermentation, conservation, in favor of the preservation and optimization of the quality and naturalness of food, is a key component of tomorrow’s food model to reduce impacts on the environment and human health.
The integrative and holistic vision of the protection of the environment and the future of agriculture with nutritional recommendations, in order to highlight the link between the nutritional quality of a food (fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and its production conditions are therefore key.

It is with this ambition that our conference was built by bringing together innovative actors on the subject.

The objective of the event will be to allow the meeting of upstream and downstream actors in the field of nutition, initiate and enrich the collaborations between the nutraceutical and agri-food industry and the actors of agricultural production, but also with all Nutrevent partners.

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3:00 – 3:05pm : Oppening of conference


3:05 – 3:20pm: INNOVATIVE COLLABORATIVE PROJECT: “(Ré)Génération Fruit”

This collaborative project was the winner of the call for projects “Innovating to succeed agroecological and food transitions” within the framework of the France 2030 Plan carried out by BPI France.
The agriculture of tomorrow must meet one of the great challenges of our time, which is the constant increase in population. In France, 34 million hectares were cultivated in 1950, compared to only 27 million hectares in 2016. Farmers are therefore faced with the need to produce more with less arable land, minimizing the use of toxic plant protection products to ensure respect for the environment and biodiversity, while taking into account the concerns of consumers who are increasingly interested in their health.
The project (Re)Generation Fruit is part of the very dynamic apple market. Apple thus represents 17.7% of the French fruit market in volume terms. As a result, the national apple market is a very important sector, amounting to around 700 million euros. Europe is one of the world’s leading apple producers and France is the third largest European apple producer with nearly 1.375 million tonnes in 2021.
The objectives of this project are to:
In this context, technical cultivation routes must be rethought so that they are both more respectful of health and the environment, while reinforcing the economic performance of the sectors, the quality of work life and the nutritional and organoleptic quality of products offered to consumers. New innovative solutions must therefore be tested, both in orchards and at fruit plants, to limit the harmful effects of pests and diseases, while maintaining and objectifying the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of apples, for the good and pleasure of consumers. The «Good Apple» project is developing a systems approach combining different innovative technologies to improve the nutritional quality of table apples.


3:20 – 3.35 pm: “Innovation in precision agronomy for the nutritional quality of crop production for nutraceuticals and agri-food.”
At the crossroads of precision agronomy and cutting-edge technology, Futura Gaia designs an automated vertical cultivation solution on soil, complementary to field farming and greenhouses, which it markets in the form of turnkey farms. It wishes to contribute to the improvement of the food sovereignty of the territories in the face of climate change and water scarcity, while associating all local actors to this ambition.


3:35 – 3.50 pm: “Nutritional quality of vegetable proteins for humans”
Dr. Didier REMOND – Human Nutrition Unit (Unité de Nutrition Humaine – UNH) – UMR1019- INRAe UCA – Clermont Ferrand

3:50 – 4:05pm: “What balance between animal and plant products in the diet of seniors?”
Dr. Marine GUEUGNEAU – Human Nutrition Unit (UNH) – UMR1019- INRAe UCA – Clermont Ferrand

4:05 – 4:15pm: Questions & answers

4:15 – 4:30pm: Round Table and Exchange: How to extend and promulgate a phased agricultural policy with a clear and unifying nutrition and food policy for all stakeholders in the value chain?




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