Carlos Malpica Lizarzaburu was trained in France as an Agronomic Engineer at Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon and Pasteur Institute and obtained his PhD. in Biotechnology from Paris University 7. Additionally he holds a diploma from the Spanish Diplomatic School and an International Executive MBA from Instituto de Empresa (Spain).

Dr. Malpica is the CEO of MLP Vision Biotech S.L., a global consultancy firm, and Valdia Health S.L., a new generation precision medicine company. He is actively involved in promoting the adoption of new precision medicine tools based on multi-omic technologies. He is also the Vice-President of BioEuroLatina, a non-for-profit organization that aims at fostering the collaboration between Europe and Latin America in Biotechnology.

Past activities include Global Business Development Director and European Director at Metabolon Inc. (USA). Marketing and Sales Director at Biopolis S.L. (Spain), Research Director at L’Oréal Group (France), CEO of Kina Biotech S.L. (Spain), Global Business Development Manager at Syngenta A.G. (Switzerland), Head of Business Development Europe at Novartis Seeds S.A.S. (France) and Biotechnology Research Coordinator at the DANONE Group (France).