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Weishardt international Scientific Director fr

Christelle BONNET followed her classes in the French education system with a Masters degree in Biology/ Nutrition from the Engineering school of Montpellier and a PhD in Biology and Biotechnology. After receiving her Masters degree, Christelle worked for over 5 years in the food industry as a R&D manager. As she wanted to learn more about how active compounds may show their biofunctionalities, she embarked on a PhD, researching the effects of polyphenols (dopamine, leucocyanidine, etc) and phystosterols (sitoindosides) from Musa cavendish on cardiovascular and anti-ulcerogenic activities. The French Research Ministry awarded Christelle an Innovation Prize for her work in this area.

Six years ago, Christelle joined Weishardt in order to support scientific and technical development of Naticol®, fish collagen peptides.  She is now responsible for the coordination of clinical and preclinical scientific studies in order to develop and investigate a portfolio of fish collagen peptides (Naticol®) for food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical industries in relation to their health benefits. Her main responsabilities include design and monitoring preclinical and clinical research, writing literature reports and scientific articles, public and private collaborations, financial support implementation (FEDER/ Région),intellectual property. More recently, Christelle contributed as an inventor in the conception of the main ideas in the patent claims of a patent therapeutical application.


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