Julien Tap

Research scientist

Julien Tap is a research scientist at INRAE Micalis Institute, settled in Paris-Saclay, where he notably works on projects related to the interactions between gut and food microbiomes from a nutrition and health perspective using synthetic and computational ecology approaches.

In Joel Doré’s lab, his PhD project was to study dietary fiber’s impact on human gut microbiota using notably metagenomic and metatranscriptomic approaches. Since his PhD, his research interest focused on interactions between food, gut microbiota, and human health. This allowed him to work with European and US clinicians from several disciplines. As post-doc did at EMBL in Peer Bork’s group and at INRAE Metagenopolis unit, as well as an industrial scientist at Danone Research, he used several approaches like numerical ecology and machine learning technics to untangle gut and fermented food omics data as a function of clinical and dietary data.

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