Marie-Claire Fichot


Docteur Marie-Claire Fichot is Chief Operating Officer at Mitocholine Ltd. Mitocholine Ltd is a UK- based company dedicated to the development of MitocholineTM, a novel composition of natural human metabolites and mitochondrial substrates essential for a healthy brain function. Prior to this activity, Dr Marie-Claire Fichot spent over 25 years in R&D management positions at Nestlé, focusing on infant, child and elderly nutrition products, as well as on nutricosmetics. Her experience spans  from the science substantiation (pre- and clinical studies) to global regulatory affairs, licensing/ partnerships, product development, and scientific communication. As a member of business executive committees, she developed strategic routes to market for several new products. She holds a PhD from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique in Rennes (France) and an MBA from IMD Lausanne (Switzerland).

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