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M&H Match and Health Consultant indépendant fr

MH DEGRAVE SANIEZ  holds a Master’s degree in Bio-chemistry, which she obtained in 1978. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Food Microbiology and Public Hygiene in 1994. Recently, she obtained a Master’s Degree in 2013 specialized in Marketing in Catering.

She joined the Roquette Group in January 1979 as a microbiologist to implement the pilot production especially involved in the production of enzymes, organic acids.

From 1992 onwards, her activities were extended to biological controls ( microbiological contaminants, endotoxins for injectable solutes. Human and animal nutrition along with toxicology were integrated into her field of activities in 2004.

In early 2007, she took over the management of the Nutrition and Health innovation program. Thus, the ALGOHUB program, which was supported by OSEO, was set in place with 13 partners, Roquette being its leader. The overall amount of the ISI project was €30 million. The aim of this multidisciplinary program was to make the production of microalgae sustainable and economical, therefore accessible to consumers in the form of biomass or extracts.

Since 2010, she was in charge of Nutrition Direction at group level, and her mission was to implement the nutrition strategy of the group as well as that of the international preclinical and clinical studies program.

This multidisciplinary environment, open to academic and private partnerships, along with the global coverage of the Roquette Company has enabled her to file patents (ranging from dog food to the the expression of starch branching enzyme and the use of fibers for functional properties), to write articles and give lectures in France and around the world.

At the time being, she  launched (January 2016) a consulting and coaching society M&H Match1 Health

She is also involved in a French association taking care of elderly nutrition Alim50plus were she is treasurer and president of the Scientific committee

She is also involved as associate in R&D prospection in KINGTREE company producing polyphenols from wood for feed and food


2013 Chevalier de l’Ordre National Du Mérite (Knight of the National Order of Merit)

2013 Agriculture Award from Lille Learned Society for Industry, Agriculture and Arts.

Vice-president of the ALIM 50 + association , promotes food that is adapted to seniors in order to improve life quality and autonomy)

Member of the INRA (National Institute of Agronomical Research) scientific council, appointed by Ministerial decree.

President of the ISA (Institute of Agriculture High School) Scientific Committee

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