Company Position Country
McLaren Racing Strategic Consultant, Director Human Performance United Kingdom
Delivering personalised nutrition: How can personalisation be applied to a diversity of metabolisms and food intake behaviours?

As a qualified physiotherapist and sports scientist Michael has over 20 years experience working across acute and chronic health care as well as elite sport, helping race drivers optimise their performance most notably working as Jenson Button performance director during his championship winning year in 2009 and working with him up to his point of retirement in 2017.

Over the last 6 years Michaels transitioned into a commercial and strategic role at Mclaren, looking at ways in which technology can be leveraged to amplify access to human expertise to help individuals better manage their own health and wellness needs.

Nutrition is a key pillar to unlocking human health and potentially and he’s been working closely with technology and nutrition partners to help them deliver personalised nutrition experiences that offer proven consumer and business benefits.