Sinda is the Chief Science Officer at Nutrinomics and holds a Ph.D. in Health Sciences, with a specialization in Nutrition and Cancer. With over a decade in nutritional research, she has deep expertise in the study of gene-diet interactions and the identification of dietary solutions to minimize metabolic disorder risks. She initiated her career in fundamental research at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Transitioning from academia, she ventured into the dynamic world of start-ups, with a primary focus on R&D. Notably, she co-founded a start-up dedicated to the digital monitoring of chronic patients. At Nutrinomics, her responsibilities include curating and validating content for the patient-centric application, ensuring its scientific accuracy and overall quality. She leads a team of dietitians, monitors scientific advancements, and actively participate in the implementation of clinical studies in collaboration with research teams. Additionally, she is involved in the development of the company’s proprietary algorithm.