Company Position Country
Revobiom CTO & Co-Founder France
How can AI help to develop new combinations of ferments for future food?

Wilfried Sire is CTO and co-founder of Revobiom. Wilfried received his PhD in biotechnologies from the PSL Research University (ESPCI Paris) in 2020, before going on to found Revobiom in july 2022.

Revobiom offers an innovative solution, based on a disruptive technology (MEM: Microbial Evolution Machine), for developing stable and effective microbial products, evolved on demand and in a natural way, for the sectors of agri-food, agriculture, ecology, energy, and health.

In the agro-food sector, Revobiom’s goal is to help developing the new generation of microbe-based fermented products by combining microbes’ functional powers, like nature does.