ALGOSOURCE Pays | Booth n°A9

    Algosource is a French expert in microalgal biotechnologies since 1993. Located in the West Coast of France, the company is working on the whole microalgae value chain: engineering and R&D services, biomass production, bio-refining, bulk and product development. Algosource is providing nutraceuticals, health and cosmetics sectors with high value microalgae ingredients and is able to develop bespoke solutions as much as required.

    Aromalyse Pays | Booth n°E4

    How can we help? We are expert analysts with 20 years of experience for the analysis of food material. We operate in aroma control, research of defects, neutrality control, control of aging of your products, research of contaminants, migration from material (packaging, production equipment). We can participate in all the steps of your production: development of products, analysis of raw material, comparisons between your products and those of competitors, and final product analysis.


    Association unites and integrates activities of the largest research and study institutions of Kaunas: Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas Science and Technology Park and the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences at the science and business valley "Santaka“. The aim of association is to carry out interdiciplinary scientific and aplied research, to coordinate technology development and its commercialization.

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Pays | Booth n°E4

    Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is a world class company in delivering clinical studies: we perform acute, observational and intervention studies to ICH-GCP standards for the functional foods and beverages, supplements, pre- and probiotics and microbiome-based therapeutics sectors. Our unique business model combines very strong ties with the academic community, but operates as an independent contract research organisation (CRO) where the Intellectual Property belongs to the sponsor.

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    ATLANTIC BONE SCREEN Pays | Booth n°A9

    Atlantic Bone Screen is a preclinical CRO expert in the field of bone and joint health: evaluating nutraceuticals through in-vitro and in-vivo testing, we can both evaluate ingredients or final product. Based on osteoporosis and osteo-arthritis models for example, Atlantic Bone Screen can support you in the evaluation of the efficacy of the compound, definition of the optimal dose, and give scientific proofs for the consumers to compare with competition.

    Biogenouest Pays | Booth n°

    We provide state-of-the-art research facilities to the scientific community. We combine expertise, capability and equipment through a network of technology core facilities. Our team all strive to develop state-of-the-art technology platforms drawing on a coordinated approach. Our network brings together 35 technology core facilities that deliver hands-on solutions for labs and businesses across: genomics, proteomics, functional exploration, bioimaging, structural & metabolic analysis, bioinfo.

    Cap Aliment Pays | Booth n°F7

    Cap Aliment is an association dedicated to innovation in food industry which gathers industrialists, researchers and training institutions Pays de la Loire. Cap Aliment with the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and Engineering School Oniris, leeds the Research Education Innovation (REI) program Food for Tomorrow/Cap Aliment. This program seeks to strengthen synergies between actors in the agri-food sectors and to promote regional expertises at national and international level.

    Carnot AgriFood Transition Pays | Booth n°A11

    Carnot AgriFood Transition gives you access to the expertise of more than 700 scientists and engineers connected with industry and market needs. - Health, quality, environmental impact of agriculture and aquaculture and associated (bio)technologies. - Processing, preservation and traceability of ingredients and food - One Health - Systemic approach and transition of food models integrating societal expectations

    Clubster NHL Pays | Booth n°D6

    Clubster NHL – Nutrition, Health, Longevity – is a French competitiveness cluster federating 350 members in the Nutrition, biotechnology and health sectors. We foster collaboration between academia, private companies (start-up, SMEs and large companies), clinicians and final users. Our aim is to help our members to design, develop and finance their innovative products and processes. The activity encompasses the ONE HEALTH concept, close relation between human, animal and plant health.

    Euralimentaire Pays | Booth n°D6

    Euralimentaire is a platform dedicated to innovation in fresh food. It gathers all the actors enrolled in the food chain, from the producer to the restaurant, via the distributor and the startups. It aims to develop a new economy based on fresh and local products, considering the environment and logistic challenges. Through its incubator that supports young entrepreneurs to launch their innovative startup, Euralimentaire helps defining the outlines of tomorrow’s food, more respectful of citizens’ health.

    Eurasanté Pays | Booth n°D6

    Eurasanté is a development agency dedicated to tech transfer and business development in life sciences sector in Northern France region. Our experienced project managers help researchers, startups and companies with their development projects. To do so, Eurasante provides many services such as real estate, fundraising, recruitment and business development. It also promotes the Eurasante Bio-business Park, which already hosts 8 hospitals, 4 universities, 8 specialised schools and more than 170 companies. It benefits from an exceptional location at the heart of Europe.

    EYTELIA Pays | Booth n°C1

    EYTELIA is a European leader in the development of silicium (English translation Silicon) based products, Eytelia is a Belgian company founded in 1995 with over 20 years of experience in the conception, manufacture and distribution of food supplements and body gels based on silicium. Formulations developed by Eytelia are based on the most recent scientific studies and references. Eytelia has acquired an expertise recognized by medical professionals and its products are recommended by many therapists in Belgium, France and worldwide.

    GenoScreen Pays | Booth n°D6

    GenoScreen is a French biotech company specialized in genomics and bioinformatics since 2001. We are offering innovative products and services to research groups from private and public sectors. Based on the characterization and exploitation of DNA/RNA from all kind of genomes (microbial, human, plant, …) we deliver customized solutions dedicated to the Agri-food industry, Human Wellness and Healthcare, Agriculture and Breeding.

    Gnosis By Lesaffre Pays | Booth n°C6

    Innovative global player in yeast, bacteria and pure molecule from fermentation, Gnosis by Lesaffre provides scientifically-proven and sustainably-sourced active ingredients and solutions to customers in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and functional food industries for a wide range of health benefits.

    Institut Carnot STAR Pays | Booth n°D6

    Bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium of 8 laboratories and technological platforms in biology, medicine, computer science and engineering, Carnot STAR offers to the industry a set of complementary scientific expertise and know-how to support its innovation projects for Nutrition in the field « Sport, health and well-being ». STAR offers solutions adapted to needs of industry to conduct studies on foods, nutritional and functional ingredients with preclinical and clinical approaches.

    ITERG Pays | Booth n°C3

    ITERG is a technical research center providing scientific/technical support and expertise to industry in the field of oils and fats. ITERG offers multidisciplinary skills dealing with technology and lipochemistry of fats, their analysis in food matrix and the study of metabolism and health impact of the dietary lipophilic nutrients, such as Bioavailability of lipids and fat-soluble nutrients depending on their form of administration and the intestinal microbiota.

    LIS Pays | Booth n°D2

    LIS is the European specialist in contract drying for food ingrédients. Our mission: Being an innovation and efficient industrial partner, expert in powder, to design, develop and produce Food grade ingrédients. As innovative company, we propose new technologies for gentle drying. We can also help you at each step for developing innovative powdered ingrédients. With our R&D lab POWDER STUDIO, at Rennes, we offer co-development studies according to your objectives and needs

    NUTRAVERIS Pays | Booth n°C8

    Nutraveris is the leading European consultancy regarding scientific and regulatory affairs in the nutrition and health market. We support and advise laboratories, pharmaceutical, agro-food and cosmetic groups from the marketing brief to the product lanch.

    Quality Partner Pays | Booth n°B5

    Quality Partner® SA is an independent company that carries out quality control activities in the food processing and parapharmaceuticals sectors. The Quality Partner-Genalyse Partner Group, founded by a team of academic researchers, offers a rapid, tailor-made service from a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Working with you to improve quality and boost your growth, we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution that reflects your needs, and your budget.


    Ouest Valorisation is a Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies or Technology Transfer Acceleration Company - SATT. Our mission is to add value to the results produced by public research laboratories, in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire, and to offer socio-economic actors with attractive innovation resources. We finance and assist technologies until they are adapted by industrial companies, taking on the technological and financial risk inherent to the projects.

    SEANOVA CAPSULARIS Pays | Booth n°B4

    EPAX, ALGAMO, BENEXIA, CALANUS and AKERBIOMARINE, Thanks to quality partners and years of research, SEANOVA develops pure, stable, ultra concentrated, highly bioavailable Omega-3s with recognized health benefits. We rely on nature to offer you innovative marine and vegetable ingredients. A project? A formulation? Come and meet us and discover our oils, capsules, powders / microcapsules,. New for the 2019 school year, discover our organic astaxanthin, from Europe.

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