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The award for the most innovative start-up goes to: KetoM+

KetoM+, a French start-up represented by Sybille Kraft Bellamy, CEO and founder, is the winner of this year’s edition of the Start-up Slams, from the “Functional Ingredients” category.

“I had the opportunity to attend and pitch at the Start-up Slams, one of the best ways to display disruptive enterprises and engage with projects like mine. It was a wonderful surprise to win the NutrEvent prize! The jury was fully aware of the need for a new generation of healthy low sugar food products.”

KetoM+, a French start-up represented by Sybille Kraft Bellamy, CEO and founder, is the winner of this year’s edition of the Start-up Slams.
KetoM+ develops and produces ketogenic and low carb products for individuals requiring a medically indicated ketogenic diet. In addition to medical food, they also produce a line of ketogenic and low carb supplements and whole foods for anyone who would like to lower their daily sugar consumption.

Discover below the projects that were presented during NutrEvent 2022:

Day 1 | October 4th | 2.00 – 3.00 pm

Neoh by Alpha Republic: We (NEOH) are an innovative food tech company that develops and sells confectionery without the addition of industrial sugar or other ingredients that are harmful to health. We want to become the number 1 sugar free candy brand till 2030!

Bisoudrink: We are launching the first sparkling alcoholic infusion from France. We have created a unique process of double aromatization by infusion and addition of organic aromas that made “BISOU” a new alcoholic category by itself.

ORI: ORI is a young smartfood startup which registered with the statutes and commitments of a “mission-based company” with a clear approach: produce local / transform local / consume local.

Day 1 | October 4th | 2.00 – 3.00 pm

Lisaqua: Lisaqua has developed a unique aquacultural process to raise the first fresh, local, sustainable and “triple zero” guaranteed shrimp (zero antibiotics, zero kilometers, zero polluting discharge) in land-based indoor aquaculture farms, nearby the consumption areas.

Day 1 | October 4th | 4.00 – 5.30 pm

Limoune: Limoune creates lactofermented recipes that will shake up your palates and cherish your gut microbiota. Our goal? Bringing more veggies on all the tables with addictive and astounshing recipes. Our recipes are constructed as an invitation to a tasty and healthy journey.

Aroma Science: CogniSpice is a new original patented ingredient designed for nutraceuticals formulation in neuroprotection and cognitive health. This is the 1st blend with Clove (72% eugenol), antioxidant and Sandalwood (maintains the intellect), available in liquid (glycerol) and dry extracts.

Ketom+: KetoM+ specializes in the research, development and production of ketogenic medical foods. The start-up was founded by Sybille Bellamy. She is the mother of a son with Angelman Syndrome. Her son Max has followed with great success a therapeutic ketogenic diet since 2003.

Day 1 | October 4th | 4.00 – 5.30 pm

HPWAG:  Incorporation of fruit (copra cake, dried mango, pineapple, banana etc into animal feed),pet food, such alternate feed materials can act as an excellent source of nutrients and help to bridge the gap between demand and supply of feedstuf.

Circul’egg: Circul’Egg is a company that processes and valorises co-products of the food industry: eggshells. We offer innovative products used as new raw materials for the food, animal feed and cosmetics industries.

Yeasty: Yeasty produces a protein-rich super-ingredient for the food industry by leveraging the power of an industrial by-product : brewer’s yeast. We have unlocked its potential by developing a unique de-bittering process after 1,5 years of R&D, and we are now ready to scale.

Day 2 | October 5th | 9.00 – 10.30 am

Lyophitech: LYOPHITECH has developed and patented a new dynamic freeze drying process. Liquid is first frozen into beads in liquid nitrogen , then charged into a rotating cylinder. A pendulum motion provides a gentle agitation while the surfaces are heated at controlled temperature.

Nucaps Nanotechnology: NUCAPS is an international biotechnology company that designs and manufactures Health Inside functional ingredients: Protein microencapsulated bioactives and probiotics. NUCAPS improves people’s Nutrition & Health as we help to produce better food, drinks and supplements.

NBread Process: From crisps to crackers, from genoeses to blinis, Nbread products are results of a conbination of natural and active ingredients, transforme by our low temperature and pressure process. We preserve and concentrate the qualities of ingredients for practical nutrition solutions.

Day 2 | October 5th | 9.00 – 10.30 am

Moonsyst International LTD: The Moonsyst Rumen Monitoring System collects real time information from inside cattle. This information enables end users to accurately detect heats, monitor health conditions (including pH) and ultimately improve productivity. The system is supported by IoT Technologies.

ScanSAP by TagLabs: ScanSap is the new generation software that offers a breakthrough and instant digital twin from the laser scanning. It turns 3D point clouds (scan output) into an effective twin featuring an unrivalled level of details & accuracy with plenty of Food industry oriented functions.



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