Date Hour Room Track
17th October,2023 4:00 PM Track 1

The growing understanding of the gut microbiome could allow a more precise and personalised action through probiotics. But is this research a factor in the acceleration of probiotics development? What are the key bacterial strains and metabolic pathways that are essential for gut health, and how can we identify and isolate these for use in probiotics? To what extent does the amount of data complexify the probiotics research and development process? Is there significant differences in the scientific and clinical demonstration of probiotic effectiveness? Is the next step in gut microbiome research the development of precision probiotics? How can we optimize the formulation and delivery of probiotics to ensure maximum efficacy and impact on the gut microbiome?

Colette Shortt -
Ruud Albers - NutriLeads
Jolanda Lambert - NIZO
Christian Diener - Institute for Systems Biology
Vincent Thomas - Lallemand Health Solutions