Date Hour Room Track
05th October,2022 2:00 PM Room 150 Plenière

Nutritional needs vary from one person to another, yet most food products and nutrition solutions are still mainly one-size-fits-all. Large food industry operators may find it challenging to overcome the limitations of mass production to offer a more customised and health-related approach. Further to this, personalised nutrition also requires a certain level of engagement from the consumer and taking a step further in the personalisation may require new business models.

How can the food system evolve to offer personalised nutrition to as many individuals as possible? What are the key segments driving personalised nutrition? What are the market opportunities for ingredient suppliers and food companies? How to create customised nutrient delivery systems?  To what extent can digital solutions participate in empowering consumers to personalise their nutrition?  How should the industry use the available data to provide a new consumer experience?

Sylvie Raynal - Pierre Fabre Group
Mariette Abrahams - Qina
Gil Blander - Segterra (Inside Tracker)
Olivier Ballèvre - Nestlé
Nard Clabbers - Foodvalley