Date Hour Room Track
17th October,2023 9:00 AM Track 1

Microalgae is one of those unknown super ingredients: it has been estimated that there exists between 200.000 and 800.000 microalgae species and only a limited number is currently commercialised.

What is the current state of the microalgae use in food supplements? What are the most promising applications and what scientific evidence supports their efficacy? What are the challenges associated with their formulation and delivery in food supplements? What are the regulatory pathways for microalgae-based supplements and how to ensure the safety and efficacy of these products? What are the environmental and sustainability implications of microalgae cultivation? What can be foreseen for the future?

Orri Björnsson - Algalif
Antonio J. Meléndez Martínez - Universidad de Sevilla
Olivier Lépine - AlgoSource
Tiago Guerra - Algikey
Victória del Pino - Allmicroalgae