Date Hour Room Track
17th October,2023 2:00 PM Track 3

Awareness about the importance of a healthy nutrition is now deeply rooted in our dietary habits. We consider our pet as members the family, it is only natural that we transfer our concerns about nutrition to them. Functional ingredients and foods are taking more place in our own plates so why not in our pet’s bowls? To what extent is the trend towards functional ingredients in human food being transferred over into pet food, and what are the implications of this trend for the industry? What are the most popular functional ingredients and what is the current market in pet food? How to keep pet food simple while improving the quality of nutrition?

Isabelle Guelinckx - ILSI Europe
Siddhartha Kunti - Curafyt
David Lafond - Celesta
Corinne Forget - JRS Rettenmaier France