Marie-Pierre Albouy Duclercq

Partnerships and Projects Manager
FranceEarthworm Foundation

Marie-Pierre Albouy has 15 years experiences managing projects in the food, nutrition, agriculture and environment sectors, in France and developing countries. Within the Nutriset French company she set up a network of local manufacturers in Africa, producing specific food for malnourished children (humanitarian responses) through transfers of technology and know-how. She then worked for a French non-profit organization where she was responsible for designing, implementing and coordinating sustainable agricultural projects in favor of vulnerable farmers in Africa. She finally joined Earthworm foundation, a non-profit organisation driven by the desire to positively impact the relationship between people and nature. She supports companies in implementing commitments to responsible sourcing practices throughout their soy supply chain, and develop projects towards sustainable and local proteins for animal feed. All along her professional life, she has worked and established relationships with a variety of stakeholders: NGOs, private sector, donors, United Nations, foundations, and public institute.

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