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Bosque Foods Head of Production Germany
Latest innovations and future growth segments in alternative sources of proteins

Quentin is an accomplished Industrial Engineer with a passion for driving industrial processes toward new heights. Armed with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Quentin’s journey has been marked by his ability to tackle intricate challenges and drive innovations at scale.
Formerly at the head of Production for Made of Air, a pioneering carbon-negative biomaterial company, Quentin showcased his adeptness in advanced product development. His role was pivotal in contributing to the company’s success, helping them scale to their pilot stage and raise their seed round of funding.
Quentin’s background also includes a role as a Design Engineer at Pentatonic, a leading consultancy specializing in circular and sustainable manufacturing. Through this engagement, he honed his understanding of circular economy principles, carbon accounting methodologies, and Life Cycle Assessment strategies.
Quentin’s journey underscores his ability to blend technical proficiency with a fervent dedication to sustainable progress. As a bridge between industrial engineering and sustainability, he stands as a catalyst for shaping a more conscious and innovative future.