Valentin Nenov

Global Ruminant Manager
FrancePhileo by Lesaffre

Dr Valentin NENOV DVM, MBA joined Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care in 2014 as global ruminant manager. He is responsible for the global ruminant strategy of the company, development of innovative solutions and building the technical communication. He manages product development and launches in close collaboration with R&D, marketing, and commercial teams.

Dr. Valentin NENOV has master’s degree in veterinary medicine in 2003 and MBA in 2007.  He started his career as a practicing veterinarian after which he joined the pharmaceutical business and worked as a ruminant technical manager for leading animal health care companies in different countries. Dr Nenov has broad experience in intensive and extensive dairy and beef systems in Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia.

His experience in the dairy and beef sectors gives him a deep understanding of the needs for innovative solutions to improve animal efficiency, welfare, reduce environmental impact of livestock and improve farmers profitability for more sustainable farming.

In his role, he has a global perspective of the current and future trends and needs of the ruminant market.

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