Innovators, you have a project in the
Food, Human and Animal Nutrition sectors that you want to put forward?


The Start-up Slams are a great opportunity for young companies (and particularly start-ups seeking to raise a financing round) to showcase their project in front of potential partners and investors
in order to foster partnership and development opportunities in the field of Nutrition.

The 2023 Start-up Slams are sponsored by

Rockstart is an early-stage VC-accelerator that empowers purpose-driven founders to drive positive change across AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Tech.

As the sponsor of NutrEvent’s Start-up Slams, Rockstart will offer to the 2023 winner of the Start-up Slams:
  • 5 consultancy hours
  • Selection to Rockstart Agrifood Selection Days – gathering pitching start-ups & key agrifood stakeholders
  • VIP ticket to the Rockstart Community Day – gathering Rockstart newest investments from AgriFood, Energy and Tech together with investors, corporates, mentors…


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before July 5th, 2023

To apply, the candidate must:

  • Be a start-up company or a company in creation
  • Seek for funding
  • Develop a new technology/product/process
  • Be registered to NutrEvent
  • Submit the online application form
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by a jury of experts

  • All applications will be reviewed by a jury (composed of high level representatives and international experts from public and private institutions, food, feed and nutrition industries, and investors) who will select the most innovative projects.
  • The selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented during NutrEvent.
  • The jury of selection will give feedback and advice to the applicants to help them develop their project.
  • The selected candidates will benefit from a dedicated meeting space wihtin the exhibition area during the event.
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during NutrEvent

  • The pitchers will have a 5 min timeslot during NutrEvent to present and to highlight the most innovative aspects of their technology/product, business model and market strategy, in front of a jury of experts, potential partners and investors.
  • The pitchers will receive valuable feedback and advice from the panel of experts.
  • The most innovative project will be selected by the jury of experts and by the audience.
  • The winner(s) will be recognised during the 2nd day of NutrEvent as the most innovative start-up(s) in Europe in Food, Human and Animal Nutrition.


five-minutes NutrEvent

A 5-minute presentation timeslot in front of a jury of experts and an audience

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Speed-mentoring from experts to boost the development of their project

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An enhanced visibility among potential partners and investors

stand NutrEvent square

A dedicated meeting space at the heart of the NutrEvent exhibition

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A presentation
of their organisation
in the final programme and on the event website

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The possibility to win and be recognised as the most innovative start-up in the sector


I had the opportunity to attend and pitch at the Start-up Slams, one of the best ways to display disruptive enterprises and engage with projects like mine. It was a wonderful surprise to win the NutrEvent prize! The jury was fully aware of the need for a new generation of healthy low sugar food products.


It was a given that myNUMEA would participate in the main European event of the “health and nutrition” sector. To be awarded “the most innovative start-up” was an honour. This prize holds a very special significance for us. To be recognized and distinguished by these experts among many excellent projects is for us the best indicator that myNUMEA is on the right track to revolutionising our relationship to micronutrition.