Workshop: Research in nutrition: A major health issue

Research in nutrition: A major health issue

October 5th, 2022
11.00 am – 12.30 pm

This workshop will present the latest advances in nutrition research conducted in the research laboratories of ONIRIS (Nantes) and the Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine – Ouest and in the regional project Mibiogate (Study of Biological Barriers and their Microbiota in the Development of Chronic Diseases.


11h – 11h30 – Research topic pitches

  1. Prevention of obesity by nutritional intervention in Wistar rat: metabolic and digestive effects and modulation of intestinal microbiota. Siliman MISHA – PhD (ONIRIS NP3 Nantes).
  2. Prevention of metabolic and osteoarticular alterations in obese Wistar rat: effect of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids-supplemented diet. Dylan LE JAN – PhD (ONIRIS NP3 Nantes).
  3. Effects of standardized plant extract-supplemented diet on metabolic and inflammatory states in obese Wistar rat. Anne-Sophie ROY – IR (ONIRIS NP3 Nantes).
  4. Impact of the diet on fecal characteristics in healthy dogs: focus on digestibility parameters and fecal microbiota. Agnès ANDRÉ – IR (ONIRIS NP3 Nantes).
  5. Effect of perinatal antioxidants (vitamin E and spirulysate extract) and cholesterol-lowering (cholestyramine) supplementation on atherosclerosis development in adult offspring of hypercholesterolemic mice. Marina HABIB – PhD (INRAE Phan Nantes).

Questions & answers

11h30 – 11h50 – Presentation of the Microbiota-Food-Gut-Brain axis, training and public health issues. Michel NEUNLIST – INSERM TENS Nantes

Questions & answers

12h00 – 12h15 – Exploring Biomarkers of dairy fat exposure in human. Samy HADJADJ – CRNH-OUEST

12h15 – 12h30 – Role mono-unsaturated fatty acids supplementation on white adipose tissue homeostasis in the context of obesity. Simon DUCHEIX Institut Thorax – Nantes


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