2022 Exhibitors

Stand a6

ADAGIO – UniLaSalle


The ADAGIO project funded by the V INTERREG France Wallonie Flandres, is leaded by UniLaSalle a graduate school based in Beauvais. It aims at evaluating the benefits for intestinal health of animals and Humans of an innovative nutritional mix . This project involves not only industrial compagnies of the food and feed (SanLuc, AlgoFit) and of the biotechnology (Genoscreen) sectors but also also academic partners with which we share expertise in intestinal research (Ghent university).

Stand E3



Currently, the majority of natural actives used in cosmetics or nutraceutics are imported while a great diversity of resources is present in North-West Europe. A large amount of residue are not fully exploited for the sourcing of natural actives.

AgriWasteValue, an Interreg NWE project, aims to transform agricultural residues from North-West Europe into bioactives for key industrial sectors such as the cosmetic and nutraceutical fields and then in the energy, chemical and agricultural fields.

Stand B7



With more than 30 years of experience, AGROBIO-QUALTECH GROUP offers you all its analytical knowledge and expertise in advanced nutrition, food supplements and innovative ingredients.
Our Team is a real technical support to provide adapted solutions to R&D, Quality and Marketing Departments of agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic Companies by checking on plant composition, on nutritional potential and guaranteeing the safety of your formulas to help you towards a successful product launch !

Stand B5

BaseClear – The microbial genomics experts

The Netherlands

BaseClear is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms. Our team brings decades of experience and expertise in microbial genomics. With this we help customers to improve their products and processes, gain regulatory approval and confirm product claims.

We combine our unique expertise to offer solutions to a variety of clients working in industries such as human health, personal care and animal nutrition.

Stand C1

Bewell Nutraceutique


We are a contract manufacturer of food supplement. We accompany you from the concept to the finished product. In dry (tablets, hard caps, bulk) or liquid form, all the products we manufacture are developed and made on our own industrial site, located around Nantes.
Independent, reactive and human, with a team of 35 people, we’ll be happy to be your growth partner.

Stand E5-B9/14

Biotech Santé Bretagne


Biotech Santé Bretagne is a technological innovation center dedicated to developing research and supporting innovation in Brittany particularly in Biomass Valorization, Nutrition and Health. Biotech Santé Bretagne enables the success of structuring and large-scale projects by supporting companies and project leaders through a comprehensive and a unique expertise : consulting, engineering, feasibility study, development strategy, financing, international support.

Stand E6



CAPACITÉS, the engineering subsidiary of Nantes University, offers consulting, expertise, R&D services based on multidisciplinary research skills to support companies in health, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and fine chemistry.
Our researchers and engineers are specialists in microalgae cultivation processes, efficient eco-extraction and purification processes, authentication of complex raw materials and molecular synthesis by electrochemistry.

Stand C2

Capsulæ – Innov’ia


R&I center of excellence in the field of formulation, specialized in microencapsulation, CAPSULAE designs and develops customized solutions which facilitate the use and optimize the performance of ingredients and active compounds.

CAPSULAE offers cutting-edge skills in a wide spectrum of technologies, allowing the development of innovative and differentiating galenic formulations.

CAPSULAE is a subsidiary of Innov’ia, the expert and European leader in the production of tailor-made powders.

Stand E5-B9/6

Carnot France Futur Elevage


Carnot France Futur Elevage brings together actors from agro-veterinary research from INRAE and its academic partners with an international visibility and three Agricultural Technical Institutes leaders inthe breeding services
Dedicated to all livestock sector businesses, we coordinate the academic R&D offer from our labs in order to promote collaborations with socio-economic player and to foster innovations for tomorrow’s multiefficient, sustainable and profitable farming.

Stand D1


Divaks was founded in 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company’s activity is high-quality insect protein ingredients solutions for the food industry. They can be used in a wide range of application forms: from products with proteins fortification to meat substitutes. We develop vertically integrated fully automated technology, that covers all stages of production from breeding and rearing of Mealworm (Tenebrio Molitor) to production of tailor-made solutions for the food industry.
Stand E7



EXTRACTIS is a service provider, specialized in the fractionation of biomass for the development and the production of plant extracts, ingredients, additives and active ingredients.
EXTRACTIS INNOVATION offers its services at different stages of the development project: from proof of concept (Laboratory), to scale-up (Micro-pilot), to validation and industrial transfer (Pilot).
EXTRACTIS PRODUCTION manufactures plant extract as a subcontractor from one kg to several tons.

Stand D3

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik


At Glatt Ingenieurtechnik we provide technical solutions for the design of functional powders and granules based on fluidized and spouted bed processes. We develop products and processes with you from the beginning in our technology center (equipped with several lab and pilot units), design your own full scale production line or serve as contract manufacturer for agglomeration, drying, matrix or core-shell encapusaltion of particles.

Stand C6-B10

Gnosis by Lesaffre


At Gnosis by Lesaffre, we harness the power of microorganisms and biotransformation processes like fermentation to cultivate nutritional actives, probiotics, and nutritional and functional yeasts that benefit human health and wellbeing.

We draw on our focused R&D capabilities, rigorous quality and regulatory standards, and extensive clinical validation procedures so that we can effectively collaborate with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical brands to develop game-changing products that help their customers thrive.

Stand E5-B9/7

Huddle Corp


Huddle Corp operates in the field of precision nutrition for farm animals. Its nutraceutical feeds are constructed to support the biochemical mechanisms of nutrient absorption in the animal’s gut. Then, farms produce higher quality animal protein while contributing to the improved sustainability of both aquaculture and terrestrial farming systems.

The company offers both specialized feeds for broodstock and young livestock and encapsulation solutions for high value molecules for grow out feeds.

Stand B6

ILSI Europe


ILSI Europe fosters collaboration among the best scientists from industry, academia and the public sector to provide evidence-based scientific solutions and to pave the way forward in nutrition, food safety, consumer trust and sustainability. To deliver science of the highest quality and integrity, scientists collaborate and share their unique expertise in expert groups, workshops, symposia and resulting publications.

Stand D4



Ingredia Dairy Experts is a French dairy cooperative which develops and manufactures innovative ingredients: natural bioactive ingredients, functional & nutritional milk proteins and dairy powders – for the worldwide Health, Nutrition and Food industries.
Through strong links with its customers, Ingredia is constantly innovating for the products of tomorrow. Oriented in a sustainable production, Ingredia works to feed and protect better. Dairy explorers since 1949!

Stand F8

Institut sur la Nutrition et les Aliments Fonctionnels (INAF)


The Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) is the largest grouping of researchers in Canada dedicated to research and innovation in the area of foods and health. Nearly 775 scientists are working synergistically to come up with solutions to complex issues of the sustainable food supply for the benefit of a healthy bio-food sector, population, and planet.

Stand B4



IPAZ provides industrial property expertise in the heart of one of the largest scientific and technological centers in Europe. We have a strong record serving companies (start-ups, SMEs and multinationals), institutions of higher education, research organizations, and project leaders.
Our vision of industrial property systematically integrates the client company’s business strategy to best serve its interests.
Patents – Trademarks – Licence Agreements – IP Strategy – Litigations – Agreements

Stand D7



ITERG participates in the development of the fats and related products industries : fats, vegetable oils and oil co-products, vegetable proteins and minor compounds derived from these products.
ITERG provides companies with skills and infrastructures for Production, Research and Expertise: Analysis, Crushing/Refining, Green chemistry, Health Nutrition, Environment.
It contributes to the creation of value and the competitiveness of the industrial fabric, from upstream to downstream.

Stand E5-B9/9



KetoM+ produces a high quality patent pending DADFMS (food for specialized medical purposes) called Cétoprane, supplements and whole foods to satisfy the requirements of patients on a medically indicated ketogenic diet.

Stand A6



Keyfood is a facilitator that saves you time! We start with your request and then mobilise the relevant resources within a large network of scientific and technological partners.
For each company, Keyfood builds tailor-made technical solutions and delivers clear and operational conclusions.
The strength of Keyfood’s support lies in four pillars:
Diagnosis by advisors experienced in the various aspects of agri-food production.
A network of over 80 university, research centres & private lab.

Stand D6

Laboratoire AROMALYSE


Aromalyse is a contract laboratory for chemical analysis established in Quetigny/Dijon (France), with longstanding experience in food chemistry and especially linking food composition with flavour quality. Also offering a host of tailor-made analytical solutions for almost any specific need in tracing down organic compounds in complex matrices.

Stand E2-D2/3



LEBAS INDUSTRIES is specialized in the design & the construction of industrial production units. Our expertises include process, utilities, automation & supervision, electricity & instrumentation, building, LEBAS INDUSTRIES is an EPCC/EPCM contractor.

Stand E5-B9/4

Loop Dee Science


Loop Dee Science is a French biotechnology start-up.
Specialised in the development of point-of-care analysis solutions, the proposed devices enable industrials to manage their quality more efficiently within the production process.
Loop Dee Science’s aim is to offer fast, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to enable industrials to perform self-testing on targets of interest.
Thanks to its universal technology, these devices can be adapted to numerous applications (germs, allergens, GMOs).

Stand E1

Moonsyst International Ltd.


Moonsyst provides Rumen Bolus Sensor solutions for Dairy and Beef cattle. Our solutions are suitable for commercial farms focusing on Health and Reproduction monitoring and we also offer a pH Bolus Sensor that is used extensively by research and nutrition companies. All our sensors are supported by a IoT platform, meaning data collected goes straight to the cloud and information presented back via a web or mobile application. We are open to discuss potential partnerships agreements in France.

Stand A8

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement


Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement is the one-stop shop for companies building the food and health industries of tomorrow in and around Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. As an economic development agency, we support companies looking to set up their business in our region. Meet our Business Development Managers at stand A8 to find out more about our services including; qualified information on the local economy, talent search and recruitment, real-estate support and access to professional networks.

Stand F7



Nbread-process is a French tech start-up.
The engineering team and its partners have developed a competitive extrusion process that features low temperature and low pressure in the wet phase.
We propose our ready to use innovation to food/feed industries for the production of healthy sweet or salty snacks, from bread to crackers.
Final products beneficts are: durability, convenience, low glycemic index, nutritional profile, nutrient preservation and concentration, native fibres and minerals.

Stand E0



ORI is the Specialist in Dietary and Sustainable Solutions (Whole Cereals, No Preservatives, No Dyes, No Flavors, No Additives, No Processed Foods, No Sweeteners), Vegan and Naturally Gluten-Free!

ORI is a company with a mission committed to its territory to support economic players in agriculture and industry to innovate, create sustainable value and build efficient, scalable, agile and low-tech production facilities and tools.

Our ORI SORGHUM universe is dedicated to creating smart food.

Stand E2-D2/1



At ØZERS we make highly functional sports nutrition, using only healthy, sustainable and vegan ingredients. Founded by a professional boxer and engineer, the company was quickly recognized as the number one nutrition for fighting sports and is now expanding to global sports nutrition.

Through our innovations, our vision is a world where athletes no longer have to compromise between performance, healthy and sustainability.

Stand E4

Pharmanager Development


Pharmanager Development is a scientific and regulatory consulting company specialized in the nutrition and health sector: food products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal nutrition and biocides. Our expertise covers 4 areas of activity : product development, scientific justification, regulatory audits & procedures, training & quality audit. We also offer a regulatory and scientific database called Phinn®. The complete and unique database in the world for health nutrition sector.

Stand E5-B9/5



Cyranie is a french SME which develops, manufactures and markets dehydrated food and dietetic mixtures for vulnerable or hospitalized individuals, especially products with suitable textures to meet swallowing problems, and with high protein to fight undernutrition. Cyranie has based its approach on taste and nutritional qualities while respecting culinary know-how. R&D and innovation units work closely with customers and experts to develop innovative products and anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

Stand C4 – B8

Technocampus Alimentation


The Food Technocampus is an initiative from the French Pays de la Loire Region. It is a resource at the service of the competitiveness of the food companies based in the Region by playing on a lever which is innovation/R&D.
Its objective is to facilitate the innovation and R&D projects of the companies regardless of their size.
It also aims at creating synergies and links between the academic world (researchers, universities, etc.) and the business one (food industries).

Stand A6

The Centre of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition (UCLOUVAIN)


The Centre of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition (CICN) is an intersectoral platform of the UCLouvain (Belgium) that conducts human studies to evaluate the effects of behavior, food supplements, particular food products or alimentation on health, on biological parameters and/or on subject perception and receptivity.

Stand E2 – D2

The Holistic Company


Food innovation of today will make the nutrition of tomorrow. Innovation is at the heart of our expectations to create new products, richer in nutrients and flavors. The Holistic Company uses the nutritional science of nutraceuticals to create delicious new snacks. Our gourmet food products focus on health, immunity, wellness, cognitive performance and digestion. Definitively, our Smart Snacks recreate the food of tomorrow…

Stand A6

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)


The Pharmacognosy, Bioanalysis & Drug Discovery unit (RD3-PBDD) is a research unit of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Université Libre de Bruxelles, specialized in the study of organic drugs from plants or biotherapeutics. The unit is also active in the field of nutrition/health. Since 2016, the PBDD unit is hosting Keyfood, the technological support platform coordinated by Wagralim. There is a network of 18 labs within ULB belonging to the Keyfood platform, offering a large panel of expertise.

Stand A6

University of Liège


As public university open to the world, the University of Liège relies on its three pillars : teaching, research and civic engagement. FoodIsLife, one of its research and communitunity service units, is dedicated to the development of a collaborative research at international level in the field of food science, microbial biotechnology and biological chemistry. FoodIslife has both laboratory and pilot equipments to develop innovative concepts and to evaluate their transfer to industrial scale.

Stand A6

University of MONS


Ideally located in the heart of Europe, the university of MONS (UMONS) offers a wide variety of courses in an enriching environment. With more than 900 researchers, research objectives in UMONS are pursued both regionally and internationally. The common goal of all UMONS researchers is to develop expertise on a large scale, subsequently benefiting society, particularly the region. We are open to partner with food and agriculture industries. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Stand A6

University of Namur


The University was founded in 1831 and welcome more than 6500 students. 11 research institutes excel in 5 clusters: life sciences; material sciences; environmental questions; patrimonies and cultures; society and digital transition. 9 technology platforms offer their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to researchers and industry. Research excels in nanotechnology, biotechnology, physics and chemistry of surfaces, digital challenges, … and have led to 17 spin-off companies.

Stand E5-B9/3



Valorex Food has a unique know-how to enhance the best of seeds, for a better quality of our food and better health. We supply food and health industries with nutri-functionnal ingredients based on oil-protein seeds for a healthier, more transparent and more natural diet.

At Valorex we create high omega-3 ingredients from linseed for a better global health and functional ingredients from seeds for clean and clear ingredient lists.

Stand F6



Yeasty produces a protein-rich super-ingredient for food manufacturers by leveraging the power of a fantastic industrial by-product: brewer’s yeast.

Our final ingredient offers great characteristics to food manufacturers: it is a natural and complete yeast flour with 50% protein and all the essential amino-acids. It is also rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

All this with a naturally present and tasty umami flavour, at a competitive price!



Nicolas Lechevallier

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