Date Hour Room Track
18th October,2023 9:00 AM Track 2

Plant-based foods are riding high and products sales have grown significantly in the last two years.  Yet, a need for more investment in research and infrastructure remains to scale up the production and reduce prices. What are the latest market trends in plant-based food, and how are investors responding to them? What are the key factors that investors consider when evaluating plant-based food companies, and how can entrepreneurs and startups best position themselves for investment? What are the potential risks and challenges associated with investing in plant-based food companies, and how can these risks be mitigated? How can plant-based food companies best differentiate themselves in a crowded market, and what are the key success factors for scaling up and reaching new customers? This session will feature leading investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts driving innovation and growth in the plant-based food sector.

Roberta Re - UK Government’s Department for International Trade
Judith Camarcat - La Vie Foods
Suzanne van der Maarel - Kickstart Innovation // Sentient Ventures VC
Antje Räuscher - ProVeg Incubator