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What are the latest breakthroughs in the field of personalised nutrition and to what extent can they be adapted to healthy ageing?  To what extent can we personalise nutrition for older adults? What are the delivery systems already in place at home and in the institutions? These case studies will explore the advances in personalised nutrition targeting older adults, the main logistic barriers, and the working delivery models.

Moderator: Mariette Abrahams, CEO & Founder, Qina Consulting Portugal

  • Tarryn Gorre, CEO, Kafoodle LimitedUnited Kingdom
  • Maddalena Illario, Department of Public Health, R&D Unit Coordinator, Federico II University & HospitalItaly
  • Audrey Boulier, Scientific and Innovation Manager, Bioactives and Nutrition, IngrediaFrance
  • Catherine Hughes, Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition, Ulster UniversityUnited Kingdom
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