Date Hour Room Track
17th October,2023 4:00 PM Track 3

Finding alternative ways to feed livestock and our pets is essential to limit the stress on the planet’s resources. Leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology techniques to create new products and services for the pet food and feed sectors provides numerous options: cultured food, molecular biology, genetic engineering…

What are the latest biotech innovations in pet food and feed industry and how are these technologies being applied to create new products? What are the current bridges between human and animal nutrition for these techniques? What are the challenges and opportunities associated with these emerging technologies, including ethical considerations and regulatory compliance? Haut du formulaire

Karim Kurmaly - DSM
Lethicia Magno - G.A.C Group
Jessica Rehdorf - BRAIN Biotech AG
Karlis Udris - Elogium
Christina Reh - Aiko Pet Foods