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NutrEvent is the annual European meeting place for key players of the fields of food, human and animal nutrition innovation. It gathers, established companies, start-ups, investors, ingredient suppliers as well as distributors. This year, the event will take place in Rennes on October 17th and 18th.

NutrEvent fosters collaborations through its meeting platform, exhibition area, innovation pitch sessions and last but not least its conference programme. Each year, the plenary sessions of the conference programme offer a transversal vision of key issues of the industry. For this edition, the plenary conference of the second day will gather experts of the field to exchange about personalised nutrition. More precisely: “Delivering personalised nutrition and health: How can personalisation be applied to different individuals and different businesses? ” This session will be held on October 18th from 2.00 to 3.15 pm.

“Companies will need to join forces to better help consumers”

Nard Clabbers, thought leader in personalised nutrition, NCNC Nutrition Consultancy, will moderate this session. According to him the concept of personalised nutrition is “only clear to a small subset of people and not an unhealthy category of people. There is still a lot of innovation required to make it a reality outside of this niche.” He follows up with describing the two principal limiting factors to the development of personalised nutrition: “The personalised nutrition solutions are usually very targeted, and I believe companies will need to join forces to better help consumers. Also, there is a lack of knowledge about behavioural changes from the companies. Personalised nutrition and healthy behaviour habits go together.

A bright future ahead of personalised nutrition

Despite these limitations Nard is optimistic: “There is more and more relevant data and more and more people who are concerned about making better choices for their health but also regarding sustainability. What is key is to make personalisation much simpler and differentiated for each niche: healthcare, sports and retail.

While Nard Clabbers recognises the potential of wearable tech as a driver for personalised nutrition, to him the next step is elsewhere. “I think smart, short, simple behavioural questionnaires, and digital tools to track mood, behaviour and measure psychological traits are the next game changer. A special mention must go to the microbiome as it is starting to be a next frontier of science-driven nutritional advice.”

There is already a lot to think about and this conference is the opportunity to explore the different directions personalised nutrition could be evolving towards. The presence of three speakers has already been confirmed for this session: Yiannis Mavrommatis, Associate Professor in Nutrition Genetics, St Mary’s University, Ivan Stefanic, EIC Programme Manager for  Food Chain Technologies and Novel & Sustainable Food, European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), Michael Collier, Strategic Consultant, Director Human Performance, McLaren Racing.

We look forward to finding out the input of the experts and the audience on our conference programme.

NutrEvent will take place in Rennes on October 17th and 18th

 Personalized nutrition – where health and food meet

Dietary patterns typically found in Western cultures — high sodium, cholesterol, added sugars, and saturated fats coupled with low fiber intake — have been linked to several public health concerns (O’Keefe et al., 2015). High consumption of these types of foods are associated with an elevated risk of obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs): those that cannot be transmitted from person-to-person, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Of notable concern are low to middle-income countries where the growing consumption of these nutritionally poor foods is creating new health challenges, such as higher rates of type 2 diabetes.

If left unchecked, NCDs are predicted to rise, bringing additional burdens to healthcare systems and economies.

Altogether, this highlights the need for healthier nutrition.

Food companies are taking on these challenges and want to verify that products they introduce into the market are beneficial for human health. The good news is with NMR they can now prove it, in a very personalized way.

Your Bruker team 

PS: Stay tuned as Bruker will launch soon a dietary assay: click here if you want to receive updates.

About Bruker
As the global market and technology leader in magnetic resonance, Bruker offers a wide range of applications in academia, life sciences and applied markets as food, clinical research, industrial, and forensics. NMR-based biofluids analysis is applied in nutrition research to gain insights into various diet impacts on human metabolism.

Nutrikéo is the publisher of the Culture Nutrition media  which deciphers the latest news from the complementary and converging sectors of food, agri, nutraceuticals and cosmetics, and provides information on tomorrow’s trends.

Culture Nutrition is also the podcast for enterprising women and men in the field of nutrition. Grégory Dubourg (CEO Nutrikéo) invites you to a new conversation with a nutrition entrepreneur at the helm of projects with a positive impact on health and the planet. 

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In 2022, the winner of the NutrEvent pitch competition was KetoM+ 

KetoM+ is a French start-up represented by Sybille Kraft Bellamy, CEO and founder, is the winner of the 8th edition of the Start-up Slams, from the “Functional Ingredients” category.

KetoM+ develops and produces ketogenic and low carb products for individuals requiring a medically indicated ketogenic diet. In addition to medical food, they also produce a line of ketogenic and low carb supplements and whole foods for anyone who would like to lower their daily sugar consumption.

Discover below the feedback of Sybille Kraft Bellamy who pitched at NutrEvent:

“I had the opportunity to attend and pitch at the Start-up Slams, one of the best ways to display disruptive enterprises and engage with projects like mine. It was a wonderful surprise to win the NutrEvent prize! The jury was fully aware of the need for a new generation of healthy low sugar food products.” 

Sybille Kraft Bellamy

CEO and founder - KetoM+

In 2021, the winner of the NutrEvent pitch competition was myNumea

LinkedNutri, a French start-up represented by Adrien Plecis, Founder & CEO of myNUMEA, is the winner of the 7th edition of the Start-up Slams, from the “Personalised Nutrition” category.

myNUMEA offers the first connected dispenser designed to deliver all the user’s micronutritional supplement needs in a quick, tailor-made 100% liquid dose. It allows users to fill their micronutrient deficiencies as easily as drinking a fruit juice every morning.

Discover below the feedback of Adrien Plecis who pitched at NutrEvent:

“It was a given that myNUMEA would participate in the main European event of the “health and nutrition” sector. To be awarded “the most innovative start-up” in this category is an honor. This prize holds a very special significance for us. Indeed, Nutrevent is home to the world’s leading experts in our sector. To be recognized and distinguished by these experts among many excellent projects is for us the best indicator that myNUMEA is on the right track to revolutionizing our relationship to micronutrition. Congratulations again to the Clubster NHL and the Hauts-de-France region for having succeeded in maintaining the momentum of this European business convention yet again this year.”

Recognition from investors and for the team. Participating in the Start-up Slams gave myNUMEA visibility towards investors with several contacts at the end of the pitch and allowed them to consolidate their recognition with public and private investors.
This award recognized the efforts of a team that appreciated this distinction, further encouraging its motivation.

In 2019, the winner of the NutrEvent pitch competition was Arbiom in the “Feed” category.

Arbiom is committed to expanding the food production potential by transforming wood – the most sustainable and readily available carbon source in the world – into a higher value protein ingredient for feed and food consumption.

Discover below the feedback of Amélie Drouault, who pitched at the 6th edition of NutrEvent:

“I participated in Nutrevent with the aim of better understanding the food market, major trends and key innovations in nutrition to develop more sustainable food systems. I appreciated the variety of meetings during the event with experts in various fields of health nutrition such as microbiota, personalised nutrition, regulatory experts and investors. This allowed me to better understand the challenges of tomorrow’s nutrition, and to meet local actors in animal and human nutrition through the competitiveness clusters present at the event.”

A step towards product and technology validation

When they participated in 2019, Arbiom was in the middle of a demonstration programme which consisted of scaling up their process and validating the performance of their product with their future customers. This programme ended at the end of the 2022, and enabled Arbiom to validate the technology and the product. Following this programme, they are now preparing to build their first factory in France: in June 2023, Arbiom announced the kick-off of SYLPLANT project (support for its industrial deployment in France).

From October 4th to 5th was organised the 8th edition of NutrEvent in Nantes, the leading European partnering event dedicated to innovation in Food, Feed, Nutrition and Health. With over 550 international participants, this edition was a success.

In 2009, the first edition of NutrEvent took place in Lille. This year, the city of Nantes hosted the 8th edition of the event dedicated to innovation in the nutrition and health sectors on October 4th and 5th.
To satisfy a wider international audience, NutrEvent was organised in a hybrid format. The event online platform allowed participants who could not travel to Nantes to review conferences, pitch sessions and also one-on-one meetings.

An edition that reflects the sector: dynamic!
NutrEvent was a success with more than 550 participants from over than 25 countries. 60 speakers took the floor to lead the conference programme and discuss the challenges of the sector. The exhibition area welcomed more than 50 exhibitors and 15 project leaders competed in the pitches sessions. The choice of combining one-on-one meetings, conferences, presentation sessions and an exhibition in one place continues to prove its worth. Take part in NutrEvent allows participants to meet and create collaborations with key players in the sector. Participants have lively discussions with speakers from a variety of perspectives and opinions.

“As a Newcomer to NutrEvent I was amazed by the lively discussions bringing highly diverse aspects and views on the table. It is a great learning experience and an excellent opportunity to create new bonds and partnerships. The conference delegates and presenters were open, friendly and energizing.” Dr Elke Duwening, Senior Expert Global Regulatory Biotechnology, Nutrition & Health – BASF

The partnering dimension of the event has allowed 2,000 connections to be made thanks to its online platform, not to mention the many informal networking opportunities.

A plenary session about the transition to healthier and more sustainable nutrition
NutrEvent also provided the opportunity to discuss developments in the sector and, more specifically, the transition to healthier and more sustainable nutrition. It was the subject of the first plenary session of the event who reunited a panel of six experts.
Bo Dohmen, Nutrition and Health Manager at FoodDrinkEurope, talks about the issue of transparency: “Transparency is essential in food processing. It is important to demystify the process to build real consumer confidence.”
All the speakers in this session agreed on the main obstacles to this transition: the eating habits of consumers who are attached to price, taste and accessibility. Preconceived ideas are also an obstacle to a coherent food transition. An example would be the natural food trend: a natural product is not necessarily good for your health, just as a processed product is not inevitably harmful. In other words, information must play a major role in making the dietary transition possible.
The conference program and the speakers gave elements of solution concerning human and animal nutrition, in finished products and food supplements.

Plant-based foods at the heart of discussions
Other more specifical issues were raised. Among solutions who permit the transition to healthier and more sustainable nutrition, plant-based foods were at the heart of the debate.
For Adrien Villalong, Investment Associate – Big Idea Ventures, “replacing animal products with plant-based foods can have a major positive impact on the environment, animal welfare and public health. However, consumer adoption has not matched investor expectations.” The solution? Innovate to make these products attractive by taste, texture, material and financial accessibility.“Luckily, many innovative startups (among which some of our portfolio companies!) are working on. Improving texture through precision fermentation, industrial processes allowing to build whole-cuts, diversify the applications of plant-based foods.”
Paula Álvarez Ameijeiras, innovation consultant – Eatable Adventures, adds that it would be “crucial to get the support of public institutions to promote these solutions”. This solution should also be extended to animal nutrition, as was discussed during a session dedicated to alternative sources of animal nutrition. The conference programme and the speakers gave elements of solution concerning human and animal nutrition, in finished products and food supplements.

KetoM+, awarded most innovative start-up in Food, Feed, Nutrition and Health
During the NutrEvent 2022 Start-up Slams, the selected organisations presented their innovative projects in different categories: Digital solutions, Finished food products and Food supplements & ingredients.
Represented by Sybille Bellamy (Founder & CEO), KetoM+, a French start-up, won this year’s edition of the Start-up Slams. KetoM+ develops and produces ketogenic and low carb products for individuals requiring a medically indicated ketogenic diet. In addition to medical food, they also produce a line of ketogenic and low carb supplements and whole foods for anyone who would like to lower their daily sugar consumption.
“I had the opportunity to attend and pitch at the Start-up Slams, one of the best ways to display disruptive enterprises and engage with projects like mine. It was a wonderful surprise to win the NutrEvent prize! The jury was fully aware of the need for a new generation of healthy low sugar food products.” Sybille Bellamy

La Gazette du LABORATOIRE is the meeting place for all players in the world of Laboratory and Science

Created by a scientist, La Gazette du LABORATOIRE has been supporting the life of the French Research, Development, Analysis and Control laboratories since 1995.


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Roquette among our sponsors, as a Bronze sponsor

Roquette is a family-owned global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients. Founded in 1933, the company currently operates in more than 100 countries, has a turnover of 3.9 billion euros, and employs more than 8,000 people worldwide.
Life and nature have been our sources of inspiration for decades. All our raw materials are of natural origin. From them, we develop innovative ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets. We truly unlock the potential of nature to improve, cure and save lives.

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