Steered by a prestigious committee, NutrEvent offers a comprehensive programme dealing with the R&D innovations and the latest market trends in Food, Feed, Nutrition and Health.

Structured around 4 tracks, the conference sessions bring together international experts to discuss current innovation stakes and provoke conversations that matter for players in food supplements, finished food products, clinical nutrition and feed.

Plenary sessions:
Day 1
Consumer expectations are moving towards more naturalness
and recognised health benefits: How does this affect the food ingredients industry?

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact food has on their health, and their expectations in terms of benefits are on the rise. They understand that some healthy ingredients are also better for the planet, which also makes them more sensitive to naturalness and sustainability. This has a clear impact on consumer perception and expectations, forcing the ingredients industry to move towards more naturalness, by increasing scientific validation, reviewing regulations, and revising the sourcing of chemical ingredients to more natural.

How is the industry concretely adapting to the growing consumer demand for more health benefits and transparency in food production? How is the consumer perception driving R&D and product development? What is the real impact of ingredient labelling and health claims? What are the specificities in the way ingredients are perceived in different contexts of use?

Day 2
From large-scale production to personalised nutrition:
How to balance the industrial nature of the sector with actual consumer needs?

Nutritional needs vary from one person to another, yet most food products and nutrition solutions are still mainly one-size-fits-all. Large food industry operators may find it challenging to overcome the limitations of mass production to offer a more customised and health-related approach. Further to this, personalised nutrition also requires a certain level of engagement from the consumer and taking a step further in the personalisation may require new business models.

How can the food system evolve to offer personalised nutrition to as many individuals as possible? What are the key segments driving personalised nutrition? What are the market opportunities for ingredient suppliers and food companies? How to create customised nutrient delivery systems?  To what extent can digital solutions participate in empowering consumers to personalise their nutrition?  How should the industry use the available data to provide a new consumer experience?

Track 1:
Latest trends in food supplement innovation

This track will give an overview of the innovative trends in food supplement use and applications, the challenges in terms of clinical validation and benefit claims and will look at innovation strategies and market access.

Conference sessions:


1. Recent top-notch scientific studies on the clinical validation of food supplement types and their benefits for digestive health

2. Is Immunity still a trend? 2022 overview of market evolutions for food supplements to boost immune health

3. European regulatory opportunities and constraints for pre and probiotics

Track 2:
Nutrition and health innovation in finished food products

The food product industry is evolving rapidly and becoming more innovative, looking for ways to make healthy, nutritious offerings that are not only attractive and accessible but also sustainable. This track will focus on alternative ingredients, initiatives in manufacturing and production process and efforts made by the industry on transparency and sustainability issue.

Conference sessions:


1. Key strategies for start-ups in bringing innovative finished food products with health benefits to market in 2023

2. Plant-based foods: Insights into consumer habits and promising market segments

3. Benefits of fermentation in food processing: Separating hype from facts

Track 3:
Dynamics in clinical nutrition

This track will explore pioneering clinical nutrition solutions and innovative ingredients for special medical purposes to meet the nutritional needs of consumers and patients. We will review the sources of innovation for food for special medical purpose, oral nutritional supplements, enteral and parenteral nutrition, from a scientific and technologic point of view, looking for the health applications driving R&D in this highly regulated field.

Conference sessions:

1. What are the opportunities and barriers to innovation in the clinical nutrition industry?

2. The right nutrients at the right time: Innovations in delivering accurate clinical nutrition

Track 4:
Feed innovation insights

In the field of animal nutrition, innovation makes it possible to respond to many challenges, improving the economic performance of livestock farms, contributing to better safety and quality of human food, reducing animal medication, and promoting animal welfare. This track will review innovation sources in the sector and will focus on feed ingredients and additives reducing environmental impact and strengthening the overall health status of animals.

Conference sessions:

1. Optimising livestock nutrition: What are the solutions to reduce the use antibiotics?

2. Feed and microbiome: What new approaches are being developed to address specific health, nutritional or environmental challenges for animals?

3. Alternative protein sources for animal nutrition